Old, Cringeworthy Ads- The Bad Ad Series

Risking the baby

Have you ever come across old ads that are just cringeworthy?

Here is one where nearly all mothers would gasp in horror if they saw today in the developed world- probably in the underdeveloped world as well. Twitter would call for cancelation if this were posted online.

What’s something atrocious you’ve seen from back in the day?

Digital Wedding Planners

Assisting remotely

Back on the whole idea about innovation during these times. Here’s our partners with digital wedding planning, all through texts, emails, and video chat.

I’m sure some are still thinking about their wedding which may take place later this year or in 2021. With Digi Wedding Planners, they can start that right now remotely, without face-to-face contact, and without breaking any quarantine rules. Ask questions, view samples, get opinions.

Check out their site: https://digiweddingplanners.com

And on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/digiweddingplanners