D-Trump names WWE’s Vince McMahon as adviser

But wrestling is fake…

I just couldn’t resist writing about this. Donald Trump is the ultimate marketer. First, the good American people who rely on checks for their stimulus checks are getting a delay because Trump wanted his name directly on the checks.


I speculate so people may be “tricked” into believing it came directly from him, and hold him in high regards during the upcoming election.

This stems directly from a branding mentality that’s just a tad bit inappropriate right now. Sure, give him the credit he deserves, but let those who don’t rely on direct deposit for their taxes, likely the elderly, get their checks asap.

Now let’s get to Vince McMahon- Trump has named him as an adviser to restart the economy, according to Alistair McGeorge of Metro. These adviser’s, along others like Goodell (NFL), Manfred (MLB), Bettman (NHL), are to find the appropriate recommendations for reopening sports- and, well, entertainment.

This is precisely where it gets confusing for me because McMahon doesn’t run a league- he runs a televised soap opera (those offended, please send your hate email to: wrestlingisfake@aol.com). He doesn’t hold the integrity of an owner, as he’s destroyed the lives of many classic performers, I mean, wrestlers. Bottom line- he’s a laughable choice to head anything.

Who should he have chosen instead? How about anyone who hasn’t put profit in front of health and safety, when those two are the most important right now.

What do you think?

Costco Banned from Selling Non-essentials

Some stores face prohibition

Certain Costcos, Targets, and Walmarts are not allowed to sell non-essential items, in efforts of decreasing foot traffic and minimizing the spread of Covid19.

Some employees complained that people would come to the stores because they’re bored from staying at home. It makes sense on one hand, and on the other, it really doesn’t sound like it will be as effective as they’re making it out to be.

This sounds like another power move just to make people “feel better” that there’s an active effort. I think these don’t serve the mass public as much as real efforts, like figuring out how to reopen stores while keeping everyone safe.

What do you think?

Attention: Millionaires and Billionaires

Time to save the world

It’s time to step up. Showing off online as a millionaire or billionaire by saying you were tested for the Coronavirus and you tested positive without any symptoms (or tested negative), reveals your “economic privilege,” or you’re rich enough to bypass the line.

Now that you’ve done it, why not go the next step and put your funds to good use by helping mass amounts of people get tested (you did have the funds for you and your family), or use your money to hire local people to purchase essentials and deliver it to lower income families. You can literally have your assistant help you with Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal to start this today, and make sure random families are getting canned goods, toothpaste, bars of soap, paper towels (let’s assume the end of toilet paper), etc.

There are actions that can be done, and not just in the US. I know it’s hard to figure out who needs their rent paid, or who needs some money to buy food, but why not hire 1000 assistants to help alleviate this process? Every NBA player, every MLB player, ever NFL player, every soccer star, every team owner, every musician who is hoarding millions, eery CEO, every doctor, every inventor, every televangelist, every investor and influencer who peacocks on instagram, every actor and whomever else who has millions or billions just sitting there- why not do something useful to help humanity?

I’m not saying spend all your money- you earned it, it’s yours. But realistically, if you can survive comfortably another 25 years without earning another dollar, then perhaps using 20%? Most assume the government is unable to properly help the nation, so why not have individuals within communities reach out to nearby cities? Become a savior of humanity, a true hero.

What do you think?

Coronavirus and Toilet Paper- A Virus to go Viral

I promise I’m not a conspiracy theorist

I’m really not- I just try to think logically, and think who profits from “negativity.”

You have to agree certain companies make millions during war times. Similarly, certain pharmaceutical companies may make millions during disease times.

But toilet paper companies making bank from a virus that’s not even a gastro disease? My point is, I understand hand sanitizers are sold out, along with masks as people incorrectly believe now they can inhale coughs and avoid washing their hands, because they’re protected. I didn’t say it’s accurate, I said I understand.

But who brainwashed everyone to believe that there is going to be a toilet paper shortage? Grocery stores along with big chains like Costco have been sold out, or selling out by the afternoon for the past week. The only logical thing I can think of it that the media let it slip that certain neighborhoods in China have been quarantined, and because of that, they’re left with limited toiletry. But this is at or near ground zero- surly we’re not in a similar state of pandemic.

As of right now, the regular seasonal flu has claimed more lives than the coronavirus. Statistically speaking, there are more pool related deaths each year than all of the US coronavirus deaths. So again, why all the panic toward toiletry right now?

Although I did not look up the stats, there have probably been more E. coli related deaths than the coronavirus thus far, which begs me to say, you should be washing your butts and washing your hands all the time!

So who profits from the crisis? The hand sanitizer companies, and the toilet paper companies. A virus to help them go viral.

What do you think is causing the shortages of toilet paper in the US?

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