Crocs Taking the Initiative

Why others should be like Croc

Shout out to Crocs for donating free shoes to healthcare workers.

Shout out to Elon Musk for the purchase of the ventilators and their donation to hospitals.

But where is everyone else? Where are the other 500 billionaires? Instead of actors singing “Imagine” through their ego-transmitting webcams, can they be more active in helping families who may be in need of food, essentials, and actual money?

Am I being too hard on them? Corporations are screaming for bail out money, when they weren’t able to save enough to last a few weeks while individuals and families were supposed to have saving to cover all expenses for months?

I think we’re at a point where this country, the “greatest country on the planet, ” can transform to actually mean that by protecting and putting its citizens first, instead of bending over for the richest corporations to take a turn at a handout.

How can we inspire more entrepreneurs, celebrities, musicians, businessmen, actors, and those with wealth to contribute, and how can we hold corporations at bay from stealing what’s left of this country?

Old, Cringeworthy Ads- The Bad Ad Series

Risking the baby

Have you ever come across old ads that are just cringeworthy?

Here is one where nearly all mothers would gasp in horror if they saw today in the developed world- probably in the underdeveloped world as well. Twitter would call for cancelation if this were posted online.

What’s something atrocious you’ve seen from back in the day?