Baby Nut

These Nuts are Small

Whether you saw it during the Super Bowl or elsewhere, “Mr. Peanut” from Planter’s is apparently dead and there’s a new “baby nut.”

No, I’m not making this up. I’m dead serious. 

The question that comes up is why- why did he have to die for a baby nut to be born? I think it comes from the success of Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian (the Star Wars show on Disney Plus). They probably thought a cute nut would prove successful. I’m laughing thinking about it. I can’t take this is as serious advertising. 

But I’m talking about it, so some will claim then it has been successful. But is that the litmus test fora successful ad- just because we talk about it? That doesn’t exactly equate to positive emotions, and thus a sale in the future. I’ll still buy my nuts from Trader Joe’s.

Do you think Baby Nut is successful? What is its ultimate purpose?

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Apple vs PC/Android

Which team are you on and why?

Which team are you on and why are you loyal?

Think about if you really have brand loyalty- meaning you bought your last Iphone or Macbook blindly without carefully considering the other options. If you do, why? If you’re an Apple user is it because you had a bad experience with a Samsung or Dell? Do you honestly feel they always, without a doubt, have better products? Are you locked into their “ecosystem?” The same questions can obviously be posed for those loyal to Samsung or Dell (is there anyone not an employee blindly loyal to Dell?).

I think it’s a combination of products, customer service, and “prestige.” I cannot understand why someone would drive a Maserati or Bentley, when a Tesla is a better car. I’d even say Porsche is a better car. But is it more “prestigious” to tell your friends/clients you drive a Bentley? Currently, probably so. That brings us to how you marketed your business- are you offering the best product/service with the best customer service or is there a sense of prestige with using your product/service that people will be proud to claim?

By the way- I used both a Mac and PC, in case anyone was interested.

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