At Least Music is Still Being Released

Donald Glover Presents

It’s the end of times, kinda. We’re told to stay home and self-quarantine.

Entertainment is now only a recent memory, with many cities closing bars, gyms, theaters, sporting events, and almost everything else that brought us joy.


Music is still being released, thankfully. Childish Gambino just released a surprise album. “Donald Glover Presents.” Obviously he’s been working on this for a while, and he could have delayed it so that he could go on tour following the release, but he chose to release it. The release is also likely earlier than when it was scheduled, and it may serve a purpose. With everything closed, what can people still do?

Listen to music! Who else will follow suit and gift us with good music to listen to? Maybe something uplifting and inspirational?

I’m Still Getting Telemarketing Calls During a Pandemic

Stop calling and get your toilet paper

I’m hearing it’s a global pandemic. There’s toilet paper and water shortages. Old people may be dying at any moment now. Yet, I’m getting telemarketing calls for “home business solutions.”


I asked the guy on the phone point blank if he knew what was going on currently. He said he was authorized to call business owners.

Now, I usually despise telemarketers. But calling during a pandemic to sell me “home business solutions” is insulting on another level.

I understand, business must continue on, and those trying to scam people will continue, and desperate times make people more desperate, which may explain the rise of telemarketing calls. Even if I’ve considered their services, I am now a lifelong boycotter because of the timing of their calls.

Don’t be a nag and insult your potential customers during these times.

Frozen 2 Ordered to be Released Immediately!

Building customers during a pandemic

I think after Disneyland closed amid the Coronvirus, they decided to keep customers happy or to lure in new subscribers to Disney+ by releasing Frozen 2 nearly 3 months early!

I personally have no interest in Frozen 2, but I think parents stuck at home with kids will have at least 1 new movie to watch 9 times over the weekend. I mean, everywhere else is closed, right?

Can your company do anything over the weekend to help people? I think grocery stores are doing everything possible to remain stocked, but maybe offering free donuts, or hand sanitizer, would help build consumer morale. Frozen 2 has to be viewed by Disney+ subscribers, so this might also be a marketing plan to bring in new subscribers while everyone is stuck.

Are you going to watch Frozen 2 this weekend?

Building a Positive Reputation During Hard Times

Don’t be an a$$hole company

Based on the world news, local governments, and pretty much the entire logical population, there’s a pandemic. The world, in certain parts, is in chaos. During chaos, people turn hysterical. It is the job of larger companies with more resources to alleviate chaos.

For example, loan companies waiving interest indefinitely, is a great start. Banks allowing consumers to forego payment for 30 days, in a great gesture. Internet/phone providers, removing data caps for 30 days, wonderful gesture.

As consumers, we will remember the first ones to do this, but not so much those who follow suit near the end. I’d almost look at them like they ere guilted into doing so, when they all had the resources to do so from the beginning. You don’t want to be like Whole Foods CEO John Mackey who suggested employees “donate” sick time to one another. Hoarding at a time like this, when you’re worth 75 million, or your boss, Bezos, is worth billions, makes you a grade A asshole. You can afford a loss in income to help your employees not “share” sick time.

Credit card companies and phone providers would be just fine if every consumer failed to pay for 30 days. If you’re in charge of a company who can provide aid, or part of a marketing team who can use the current times to create good faith among your customers, do so immediately. You will be appreciated! Don’t be like John Mackey.

What do you think should be done?

First beer, now Disneyland

The halt of the economy

Man, these are some unique times! I wanted to say “scary times,” but I don’t quite have fear. I understand I, along with most of the people I know, will not die from the pandemic. But the fear of death has brought the world economy to its knees.

At first, the Corona beer brand was being negatively affected by the virus because of the same name. Then it spread to Chinese restaurants affected, mainly due to ignorance. Slowly, smaller city events cancelled, then entire sporting leagues, and even borders closed. Finally, Disneyland announced a 2 week closure. (At the time of writing this, Disney World is still open.)

In my lifetime, I’ve never experienced something so impactful. Sure, we had a couple days of on-edge panic after September 11th, but nothing like this. We have people stock-piling toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and many urged to stay home from work.

There seems to be an unemployment and insurance reserve to temporarily help out, but what about the long term plan? I honestly believe if this is a global pandemic, there needs to be a “cushion” from the government and high-end corporate side. What I mean is taxes should be delayed for 6 months, credit card debt should be on hold for 3 months- not completely forgiven, but a cushion for people to survive. Student debt and perhaps even car payments should also follow suit. This should also be first implemented in China and Italy as an example so other countries can follow.

If we’re still a year away from a safe vaccine, and months away from the slowing down of the spread, many people will not be able to survive without some kind of assistance. Houses will go into foreclosure again, and we’ll have the 2006 crisis on steroids.

What do you think should be done?

Sandwich Shops and Dentists: Eliminating Competition

Making competition nonexistent

Here are two sandwich spots, right next to one another in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego. Both have been here for years, but it seems unusual they’re both thriving.

Just for a sense of the area, the specialty bread place to the right, and the Chinese restaurant to the right of that, both have gone out of business in the last year.

So how do these two sandwich restaurants seem to coexist? Well, let’s look at their customers. The typical person who goes to Subway will be someone who has been to Subway before, knowing the menu along with the prices. So they’re someone looking for consistency at a more affordable price.

Now those who go to Sidny’s may also be repeat customers, who value the presumably higher quality, and accept the higher prices. But, Sidny’s will also attract those who are certain they do not want Subway, for whatever reason it may be, but are seeking sandwiches. Sidney’s also has the edge on those seeking Bagels, while Subway has the edge on hours, staying open hours longer than Sidny’s.

So we have two seemingly similar businesses staying profitable (if we assume long-term existence equates to profit) by serving different demographics, although it’s still people who mainly want sandwiches. Let’s look at a different world, like dentists. There seems to be an over-saturation of dentists on San Diego- and we have endodontists, prosthodontists, and orthodontists. Obviously these specialities are in their own niches and would not compete with a general dentist. but what happens when we have two dentists across the street from one another? Is one a more “affordable” practice and one more luxurious, with a higher end customer service, while maintaining an above rate above the national average?

If both were to try to out-price the other, by offering lower prices each week, the race to the bottom would have both crash, thus not a viable option. So the easiest option I would recommend is doing the most on the customer service side so that the patients have the best possible experience so that they become your advocate through recommendations.

Agree or disagree? Any other things you’d recommend?

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The Economic Impact of the Coronoavirus

Using germs to sell

I’m amazed to see so many events closing down due to the Coronavirus. People are encouraging employees to work from home, some schools are shutting down, and I just heard the St Patrick’s Day parade in Boston has been cancelled.

Our wedding partners are also mentioning some March weddings are being cancelled. The stock market also took a huge dive today- the largest since 2008.

All this from a virus that isn’t as deadly, statistically, as the panic may lead you to believe. Whenever there is a mega issue like this, I look to see which brands try to use it for marketing or advertise to their benefit. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure it’s coming. The clever ones will try to flip the hysteria to their benefit, either through clever marketing or by mass aid- like if Burger King offered free masks with every whopper.

Will your business be dramatically affected by the current epedemic? And what are you doing to prepare if things get worse?

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Marketing with the Appeal of the Newest Technology

We have the most badass X-rays!

I have personally told clients one of the reasons they should book us is because we have some of the most innovative cameras (ability to shoot in 6K), while our competitors have far inferior cameras. Usually, the client just shrugs.

Why should they care?

But if I told them that our new iMac pros could help us edit quicker so that the cost of editing is far lower than what they may expect, then they may be interested.

The truth is the average customer does not care even the slightest about your new, badass technology, unless they can quantify how much it benefits them.

So when I took my mom to an endodontist, he boasted about his latest 3D x-ray, which was… cool. But it cost $150 more than the regular 3D x-ray, and it wasn’t covered by insurance, and he did not know if it caused more or less radiation than a normal x-ray. So while he was jumping up and down about his new tool, I was ready to leave with my mother.

Have you used new technology effectively to grow your business? Let me know below if it was effective and how your customers reacted.

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Nobody Looks Good in Handcuffs- unless you do

The subtlety behind bail bondsman ads

There’s a bail bondsman on the radio who urges people who get pulled over by the cops, predominantly for DUIs, to exercise their right to remain silent. He ends the commercial with “No one looks good in handcuffs, unless you’re into that sort of thing.”

It’s repetitive and annoying now that I’ve heard it a hundred times, but those first few times, I admit, I did smile. I thought it was clever- hinted at a kinky fetish in a subtle way, safe for the radio, and the audience members would get the joke, and hopefully remember the ad.

I think most things that are “in-your-face,” fall short, are bland, and easily forgotten. It’s the clever ads that are remembered, and sometimes urge you to share with others, proving them successful in reaching a broad audience.

What’s a clever ad you remember?

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Advertising Ugly Girls

Luring customers with 3 ugly girls

Before you get upset with me, let me explain this is an actual marketing strategy I’ve seen by a local San Diego business.

Let’s say this is an adult oriented business. Both on their radio ads and on their car ad, they advertise the many beautiful women at their establishment, along with the 3 ugly ones.

Now I’ve never been to this establishment, nor would I, but the humor factor of labeling 3 of it’s employees (or independent contractor?) as ugly got my attention, and since I’ve seen the same photo posted on social meda, it looks like its captured the attention of others.

I also don’t beleive they have any ugly girls working there, as they would be unsuccessful working at that type of establishment. But it’s the humor behind it that proves it successful. Tomorrow, I’ll talk about a bail bondsman who also uses an innuendo and humor to stand out.

What do you think? Did it at least make you smile?

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