Building a Positive Rep: Shake Shack

Shake Shack gives back $10 million loan

I thought it was worth noting that out of all the companies who got the Corona loan through the government, and perhaps shouldn’t have, Shake Shack is one to actually give back their $10 million loan.

We still have others, like Ruth’s Chris, who have also got massive loans, when I wouldn’t qualify them as small businesses. In times of hardship like this, I think consumers will remember the poor actions of certain companies and act accordingly when things get back to normal.

Kudos again, Shake Shack!

Our Review Guide is Here!

How to Utilize Customer Satisfaction

We go on and on about how we feel reviews are essential for the survival of a business, but especially more so for saturated service based business like dental practices and personal injury attorneys in San Diego.

We’ve created a guide on how to utilize your satisfied customers, how to remove or approach negative reviews, and the 3 ways video comes into the picture.

The PDF guide will retail for $99.99 but is currently on sale for $49.99 at

Have other questions about reviews and why they’re important? Reach out to me directly:

Negative Reviews- How to Deal with Them

Remove effectively?

Can negative reviews on Google Reviews be removed?

Contrary to what many believe- the answer is yes!

Should they be removed in a whole other topics. Tomorrow, we’ll dive into the basics of how we treat negative reviews and what may be more effective than removing them- although that’s an option.

We’ll also unleash our new “How to Utilize Your Customers” guide dealing with reviews and what the goals are with getting more and dealing with the bad ones.

Get ready!

Pandemic Logic

A lack of logic hurts society

I sincerely think those who can make their platforms successful must rely on some form of logic. Without logic, it doesn’t prevail.

I write this mainly because of the protests we’re having around San Diego and Orange County this weekend, and why they are drawing crowds. People’s logic urges them to question why they aren’t allowed at beaches and parks, where they are likely to be more than six feet apart, while at grocery stores, people pass by each other throughout the store.

So why are illogical laws passing? Why not allow more activities but require masks? I can understand a lack of masks, but more have been supplied supposedly, so supply people with masks and allow beaches and parks to reopen. The mental strain on people remaining at home will take a greater toss as this continues.

What do you think is illogical currently?

Fitbit Could Detect Corona

The technology is catching up

Rememeber not too long ago it would take days to find out if you had the Coronavirus? Then it became hours, and recently, just minutes? Well, now apparently other technology is catching up.

According to Stanford, they’ve teamed up with Fitbit to create an algorithm that can detect the early signs of an infection, and hopefully with patterns, the Coronavirus.

I think as a society we overcome problems once we have caught up with it with our technology. The question is, how much longer until we’ve caught up…