Las Vegas to Reopen!?!

Las Vegas scheduled for reopening

I honestly didn’t think Vegas would be the first to schedule a “grand reopening” following the Coronavirus.

According to John Mehaffey, the strip is scheduled to reopen on May 1st, with hotels already offering deals for the opening dates.

I think one of the most powerful groups with influence are the casino owners and lobbyists- so it makes sense they may be pushing for some kind of exemption or authority to reopen. With the national curve evening out in general, it does look optimistic that we’ll be getting back to “economic normalcy” perhaps by summer. Let’s see what happens on May 1st.

Do you think Vegas really will reopen on May 1st?

Mall Stores Reopen!

Reports of some stores reopening in Socal malls

I just got word from an employee at a store inside a Socal mall that certain stores have reopened. These stores are allowing shoppers to come in a certain amount at a time, but these stores are not “essential.”

The question now is does our curve we’ve been working so hard to flatten continue to rise again? All the quarantining down the drain? And how do stores get the ability to reopen under the state’s orders to close all non-essentials?

Have you seen any stores open when they should not have?