Fitbit Could Detect Corona

The technology is catching up

Rememeber not too long ago it would take days to find out if you had the Coronavirus? Then it became hours, and recently, just minutes? Well, now apparently other technology is catching up.

According to Stanford, they’ve teamed up with Fitbit to create an algorithm that can detect the early signs of an infection, and hopefully with patterns, the Coronavirus.

I think as a society we overcome problems once we have caught up with it with our technology. The question is, how much longer until we’ve caught up…

D-Trump names WWE’s Vince McMahon as adviser

But wrestling is fake…

I just couldn’t resist writing about this. Donald Trump is the ultimate marketer. First, the good American people who rely on checks for their stimulus checks are getting a delay because Trump wanted his name directly on the checks.


I speculate so people may be “tricked” into believing it came directly from him, and hold him in high regards during the upcoming election.

This stems directly from a branding mentality that’s just a tad bit inappropriate right now. Sure, give him the credit he deserves, but let those who don’t rely on direct deposit for their taxes, likely the elderly, get their checks asap.

Now let’s get to Vince McMahon- Trump has named him as an adviser to restart the economy, according to Alistair McGeorge of Metro. These adviser’s, along others like Goodell (NFL), Manfred (MLB), Bettman (NHL), are to find the appropriate recommendations for reopening sports- and, well, entertainment.

This is precisely where it gets confusing for me because McMahon doesn’t run a league- he runs a televised soap opera (those offended, please send your hate email to: He doesn’t hold the integrity of an owner, as he’s destroyed the lives of many classic performers, I mean, wrestlers. Bottom line- he’s a laughable choice to head anything.

Who should he have chosen instead? How about anyone who hasn’t put profit in front of health and safety, when those two are the most important right now.

What do you think?

Costco Banned from Selling Non-essentials

Some stores face prohibition

Certain Costcos, Targets, and Walmarts are not allowed to sell non-essential items, in efforts of decreasing foot traffic and minimizing the spread of Covid19.

Some employees complained that people would come to the stores because they’re bored from staying at home. It makes sense on one hand, and on the other, it really doesn’t sound like it will be as effective as they’re making it out to be.

This sounds like another power move just to make people “feel better” that there’s an active effort. I think these don’t serve the mass public as much as real efforts, like figuring out how to reopen stores while keeping everyone safe.

What do you think?

Conspiring to Reopen

California, Washington, and Oregon team up

I’m a huge fan of unifying.

It looks like California, Washington, and Oregon are teaming up to create the Western States Pact to stop the spread of Covid19 while creating a plan to reopen for business in May.

I’m not sure how this will exactly work, or why it’s only a “west coast” thing, but if it allows for new measures to close borders, and prevent flights from other states, including international tourists, then I think this will be extremely effective. Once effective, other states can form groups, and once groups are successful, we’ll eventually join all together.

I think this can be a brilliant plan, but it required prime government efficiency, which is somewhat of a rarity. Eliminate restrictions, and repeal nonsense taxes like the gas tax and AB5. The elimination of restrictions can help small businesses prevail.

What else can the states do to ensure the success of this pact?

Loan Deferments

Car loans, student loans, and mortgages deferred

If you haven’t heard yet, nearly all banks are participating in deferment programs for auto loans, mortgages, and student loans to provide relief.

My credit union, San Diego County Credit Union, is offering 3 months for auto loans, and 6 months for mortgages. I’m sure these all can be extended if the quarantine continues, although recent stats show that it may be ending in May.

If you use Canon financials to lease one of their cinema cameras, there’s a 3 month period where you can delay payments, a first for Canon or any camera company that I’m aware of.

What does this reveal to me? It tells me that financial institutions are trying to help, but they may also be afraid of mass defaults. This is their way of trying to prevent it from coming down to that and preserve consumer trust. It won’t last forever, but it may work for the short-term.

Any other way for them to help?