Las Vegas to Reopen!?!

Las Vegas scheduled for reopening

I honestly didn’t think Vegas would be the first to schedule a “grand reopening” following the Coronavirus.

According to John Mehaffey, the strip is scheduled to reopen on May 1st, with hotels already offering deals for the opening dates.

I think one of the most powerful groups with influence are the casino owners and lobbyists- so it makes sense they may be pushing for some kind of exemption or authority to reopen. With the national curve evening out in general, it does look optimistic that we’ll be getting back to “economic normalcy” perhaps by summer. Let’s see what happens on May 1st.

Do you think Vegas really will reopen on May 1st?

Mall Stores Reopen!

Reports of some stores reopening in Socal malls

I just got word from an employee at a store inside a Socal mall that certain stores have reopened. These stores are allowing shoppers to come in a certain amount at a time, but these stores are not “essential.”

The question now is does our curve we’ve been working so hard to flatten continue to rise again? All the quarantining down the drain? And how do stores get the ability to reopen under the state’s orders to close all non-essentials?

Have you seen any stores open when they should not have?

The Effects of Covid for Funerals

Social distancing at a funeral

A friend’s mother passed away the other day, and I learned that the funeral was limited to a maximum of 8 people. This just further goes to show the impacts of Covid, and how a spouse, in some areas, are prohibited to even accompany their pregnant wife into the maternity ward.

Imagine giving brith while your significant other is coaching you through Zoom? How horrific.

Are there other impacts of Covid which we may have overlooked in the short-term?

Car Dealerships- Covid Sales

Car dealerships remain open

I was a bit surprised to learn car dealerships are still open. I wasn’t surprised that they’re “essential,” but that people are looking to purchase cars currently with all the financial instability.

Nevertheless, dealerships in San Diego are offering a “no contact experience.” I’m not entirely sure if all this means is that you’ll forego a handshake, or if prices are more directly revealed instead of the back and forth with the dealer manager until a “compromise” is reached.

I would think that they would be doing all they can to move units, especially with the future of sales being so uncertain. But with interest rates so low, it may be the best time to make a purchase if you still have a steady job and a need for a new vehicle.

Do you think dealerships will close around town or will people take advantage of the low interest rates?

Will Theaters Ever Reopen?

Some certainly will not

Theaters have been hurting for a while now, thanks to streaming services. It’s easier than ever to access large 4K TVs, surround sound, and popcorn- so why even go to the theaters for a $20 ticket, and $30 popcorn and drinks?

It’s always been for the “experience.”

But this has come at a cost, and you could tell by innovative marketing tactics, like memberships for all access passes. But with Covid19, certain branches like AMC claim they may not reopen without a government bailout.

I think other theaters will follow suit, as when things do reopen, people are going to generally by fearful of being in a close area for 2 hours. On top of that, watching a movie with a mask on the entire time may not be a viable option.

Let’s hope for the best, but also be prepared for the possibility of the end of an era.

Less Ads- What We’ve Always Wanted

Corona causing fewer commercials

A silver lining.

Advertisers are opting for fewer commercials, at least throughout NBCUniversal.

The reason is somewhat obvious- there may be less money to spend, but there are less things to advertise. You can’t run a Macy’s ad telling people to flock to Macy’s- no stores are open. A beer commercial might still work right now, but is it appropriate?

If this quarantine continues, and marketers want to continue to market, they may need to adapt to the needs of people today. And we know some companies, like those producing toilet paper, can probably just sit back and do nothing during these times.

Do you see any adaptive changes emerging soon?

Can You Book Clients Now?

Yes, if you can adapt

Many people out of jobs are left without alternatives.

For some of those, they can share their knowledge remotely through various means. You can use Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime to video chat with others, and some applications can be viewed and controlled remotely as well.

We’ve been teaching the ins and outs of social media posting, editing media, and utilizing graphics, all remotely. Those who want to use their knowledge to help others have many tools available to them, and if they utilize it effectively, they can make a huge impact by building their fans and customers for when things get back to normal.

Are you helping other remotely? If so, what are your tips for others who want to get started?


Google Reviews on Hold

No reviews during this time

Apparently Google has suspended reviews. You can still submit your review, but it just won’t show up.

This is to help businesses because of undisclosed closing times, or shortages of essentials which may trigger irate customers to write negative reviews.

On the surface this looks like a positive move, but I would also like positive reviews to be filtered in. What are your thoughts on the suspension of reviews? Should other measures be taken as well?

How Far Are We From the Corona End?

I propose my end date

I have always looked for patterns. With no clear end for the Coronavirus and the quarantine which has practically shut down our economy, I wanted to extrapolate some data and try to predict the end, when life can go back to normal.

Now, I’m no statistician, but I tried to use other areas of the world which went into a mandatory quarantine early, similar to how we’ve done in San Diego. I don’t think this will be the same for places like New York or Florida, which were late to the game. And I believe this will be somewhat accurate if we keep borders closed and continue with masks for workers and shoppers.

But if all goes well, I predict the first week of June to be when we no longer have new cases. We’d still have people hospitalized and perhaps some new deaths, but at least we won’t have any new cases. What happens after this is also important, for if we open travel back up, we’re going to see a possible reoccurrence.

What do you think? Am I too optimistic?

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