Less Ads- What We’ve Always Wanted

Corona causing fewer commercials

A silver lining.

Advertisers are opting for fewer commercials, at least throughout NBCUniversal.

The reason is somewhat obvious- there may be less money to spend, but there are less things to advertise. You can’t run a Macy’s ad telling people to flock to Macy’s- no stores are open. A beer commercial might still work right now, but is it appropriate?

If this quarantine continues, and marketers want to continue to market, they may need to adapt to the needs of people today. And we know some companies, like those producing toilet paper, can probably just sit back and do nothing during these times.

Do you see any adaptive changes emerging soon?

Can You Book Clients Now?

Yes, if you can adapt

Many people out of jobs are left without alternatives.

For some of those, they can share their knowledge remotely through various means. You can use Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime to video chat with others, and some applications can be viewed and controlled remotely as well.

We’ve been teaching the ins and outs of social media posting, editing media, and utilizing graphics, all remotely. Those who want to use their knowledge to help others have many tools available to them, and if they utilize it effectively, they can make a huge impact by building their fans and customers for when things get back to normal.

Are you helping other remotely? If so, what are your tips for others who want to get started?


Google Reviews on Hold

No reviews during this time

Apparently Google has suspended reviews. You can still submit your review, but it just won’t show up.

This is to help businesses because of undisclosed closing times, or shortages of essentials which may trigger irate customers to write negative reviews.

On the surface this looks like a positive move, but I would also like positive reviews to be filtered in. What are your thoughts on the suspension of reviews? Should other measures be taken as well?

How Far Are We From the Corona End?

I propose my end date

I have always looked for patterns. With no clear end for the Coronavirus and the quarantine which has practically shut down our economy, I wanted to extrapolate some data and try to predict the end, when life can go back to normal.

Now, I’m no statistician, but I tried to use other areas of the world which went into a mandatory quarantine early, similar to how we’ve done in San Diego. I don’t think this will be the same for places like New York or Florida, which were late to the game. And I believe this will be somewhat accurate if we keep borders closed and continue with masks for workers and shoppers.

But if all goes well, I predict the first week of June to be when we no longer have new cases. We’d still have people hospitalized and perhaps some new deaths, but at least we won’t have any new cases. What happens after this is also important, for if we open travel back up, we’re going to see a possible reoccurrence.

What do you think? Am I too optimistic?

Digital Wedding Planners

Assisting remotely

Back on the whole idea about innovation during these times. Here’s our partners with digital wedding planning, all through texts, emails, and video chat.

I’m sure some are still thinking about their wedding which may take place later this year or in 2021. With Digi Wedding Planners, they can start that right now remotely, without face-to-face contact, and without breaking any quarantine rules. Ask questions, view samples, get opinions.

Check out their site: https://digiweddingplanners.com

And on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/digiweddingplanners

Strippers Who Deliver

Another stripper post (no more stripping)

I posted about drive-thru strip clubs last week. Now we have strippers who deliver.

Those who succeed during these times will be those who can innovate and stay creative. The end of some businesses will give rise to new ones. Imagine if “dancer delivery” takes off and becomes larger than Uber Eats and Grubhub. I’m not sure how this will stay alive through the whole social distancing enforcement, but we’ll see.

Have you seen any creative businesses pop up already?

The Show is not Cancelled

Wrestling must continue

Of all the type of shows and events out there being cancelled, I never would have guessed WrestleMania would be one of the few that would continue.

Now they’re not being morons and have the usually crowded audience, but it will be televised without the audience. Even more, they have unique merchandise like a shirt displaying, “I wasn’t there.”

I’m not sure how many people are going to purchase $28 shirts when people in general are unaware how they’re going to pay their next rent or mortgage payment, but we’ll see.

Clever or desperate- what do you think?

Attention: Millionaires and Billionaires

Time to save the world

It’s time to step up. Showing off online as a millionaire or billionaire by saying you were tested for the Coronavirus and you tested positive without any symptoms (or tested negative), reveals your “economic privilege,” or you’re rich enough to bypass the line.

Now that you’ve done it, why not go the next step and put your funds to good use by helping mass amounts of people get tested (you did have the funds for you and your family), or use your money to hire local people to purchase essentials and deliver it to lower income families. You can literally have your assistant help you with Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal to start this today, and make sure random families are getting canned goods, toothpaste, bars of soap, paper towels (let’s assume the end of toilet paper), etc.

There are actions that can be done, and not just in the US. I know it’s hard to figure out who needs their rent paid, or who needs some money to buy food, but why not hire 1000 assistants to help alleviate this process? Every NBA player, every MLB player, ever NFL player, every soccer star, every team owner, every musician who is hoarding millions, eery CEO, every doctor, every inventor, every televangelist, every investor and influencer who peacocks on instagram, every actor and whomever else who has millions or billions just sitting there- why not do something useful to help humanity?

I’m not saying spend all your money- you earned it, it’s yours. But realistically, if you can survive comfortably another 25 years without earning another dollar, then perhaps using 20%? Most assume the government is unable to properly help the nation, so why not have individuals within communities reach out to nearby cities? Become a savior of humanity, a true hero.

What do you think?

Drive-Thru Strippers

Hand sanitizer wrestling: stripping in 2020

Man, these are the times. This may be the most creative post-Coronavirus marketing I’ve seen yet.

Yes, you’re reading it correctly: drive-thru stripping from Little Darlings. You can maintain the state mandated space, and watch from a safe distance, free from potential viral particles.

On top of that, there’s also nude hand sanitizer wrestling! This really is the best country in the world. There’s a shortage of toiletry and some foods, yet we have innovative marketing techniques.

I’m still not intrigued enough to check them out, but this may very well bring in some new customers.

Have you seen anything more ingenious?

What New Business will Evolve?

2020 Pandemic gives birth to….?

Usually, when there is chaos and businesses go under, especially larger ones, new businesses emerge.

War times are historically great for the economy, as manufacturing increases along with incentives for innovative technology. So at this point, many governments around the world are treating this pandemic like a war, and the call for new jobs may follow.

I watched an interview today between Brian Harrington and Corey Bishops, a regional operations manager of a series of Orange Theory franchises. Corey spoke about the closing of all of his gyms and how that may have a long-term effect on his business, like permanent closure of gym and lay-offs that have already occurred.

I’m sure Orange Theory isn’t the only gym suffering, as we have smaller ones in Southern California like Chuze and Crunch. Will these gyms go under and perhaps have the space taken over by a larger 24 Hour Fitness or LA Fitness, or will a new gym emerge from all this?

I would naturally opt to look at history to see what has been the pattern after war-time or other economic disasters like 9-11. With that, I think we’ll also have to monitor short-term and long-term effects. I think if an airline goes under and there’s no bailout, another airline will emerge eventually, or it may get engulfed by a larger brand.

I personally started Rugger Productions amidst the 2008 recession and it took a while to get going, but banks were open to giving me loans at low interest rates to get started, which allowed me to start. If perhaps the economy was booming, I would have had a harder, if not impossible, time getting a loan from anywhere to start a business.

What are your thoughts? What do you think the “next” brand to launch from this will be?