Not Advertising- The Strategy of Sriracha

Too Tasty to Advertise

Have you ever noticed there aren’t any ads for Sriracha?

Even the Facebook and Twitter from Huy Fong Foods is a broad social media presence. The brand isn’t even trademarked!

So how do they do so well?

I think it’s because they chose a popular name, and delivered an extraordinary product that hasn’t been replicated. It’s global and loved by so many. In the chicken section of my Vons there’s all the fried and grilled chicken offerings, with skewers of “Sriracha chicken.” Why? Probably because it’s so delicious that it sells!

And it’s a tolerable spicy- a tasty spicy. You don’t tear up with it. People tell their friends about it. People can’t have dinners without it. It literally spices up a meal!

So can you do without advertising? Well, perhaps, if you have a product like Sriracha. Otherwise, it’s best to stick to what works and get some kind of marketing plan in place!

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The Tyranny of Yelp

How to survive the monarchy

I was thinking about how people, or business owners more specifically, have a strong distaste toward Yelp.

It’s like Yelp is a toilet bowl where people come to drop their invalid complaints, mediocre reviews, and undeserved low ratings that actual impact businesses. Furthermore, Yelp actually uses an “algorithm” to weed out fake reviews, and hides good reviews at times.

I personally have had good reviews, which were honest and real, hidden. Yelp always left a foul taste in my mouth, but nevertheless, I had to use the system. It’s like a monarchy that cannot be overthrown. You must survive within the walls.

My parent company of Tebbi Media, Rugger Productions, at the time of writing this, has 40 five star reviews, and 8 hidden five star reviews. A perfect positive rating.


Well, I think it has to partially do with me being a smaller business, only servicing about 100 customers annually. Secondly, I do believe superior professionalism and customer service not only gets you positive reviews, but it also convinces customers not to leave a mediocre or bad review even if hypothetically they have received a mediocre service. I am not saying I have ever intentionally offered mediocre service, but I am saying I have tried to act in a way where someone would not voice their opinion if they had.

Many businesses, either because of poor training, excess of customers, or bad management, fail to win over customers, especially when they’re offering inferior service. They do not obey the law of the kingdom, and some businesses do not survive- they are exiled!

Ultimately it comes down that with Yelp, your business does not necessarily need a perfect 5 star rating, but it should be 4 stars at least. If not, you’re either offering a far inferior product, or poor customer service (or both). Aim for excellence!

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The Purpose of an Ad

“We advertise to…”

What’s an ad supposed to do?

I don’t think an ad calls for immediate action- perhaps those weird instagram ads call for immediate purchases because “limited time 24 hour sale only!” But do we really fall for those?

So with real products, what is an ad supposed to do? Get you to talk about it? Get you to make a purchase at some point in the near future? Get you to learn about the product? All of the above?

I know it may depend on the product. I’m trying to think about memorable ads, like the Old Spice ones where the guy on the horse would do insane things, the Lincoln commercial with Matthew McConaughey that became a joke, Bill Cosby’s pudding commercials that make you cringe now, Axe body spray commercials- they were all memorable. 

I personally never bought any of those products. I remembered them. I may have even talked about them with friends. But I don’t even think friends bought any of those. So does that mean ads are useless? 

Can you name a time when an ad caused you to purchase a product? Or is the purpose of an ad something else entirely?

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Baby Nut

These Nuts are Small

Whether you saw it during the Super Bowl or elsewhere, “Mr. Peanut” from Planter’s is apparently dead and there’s a new “baby nut.”

No, I’m not making this up. I’m dead serious. 

The question that comes up is why- why did he have to die for a baby nut to be born? I think it comes from the success of Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian (the Star Wars show on Disney Plus). They probably thought a cute nut would prove successful. I’m laughing thinking about it. I can’t take this is as serious advertising. 

But I’m talking about it, so some will claim then it has been successful. But is that the litmus test fora successful ad- just because we talk about it? That doesn’t exactly equate to positive emotions, and thus a sale in the future. I’ll still buy my nuts from Trader Joe’s.

Do you think Baby Nut is successful? What is its ultimate purpose?

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Apple vs PC/Android

Which team are you on and why?

Which team are you on and why are you loyal?

Think about if you really have brand loyalty- meaning you bought your last Iphone or Macbook blindly without carefully considering the other options. If you do, why? If you’re an Apple user is it because you had a bad experience with a Samsung or Dell? Do you honestly feel they always, without a doubt, have better products? Are you locked into their “ecosystem?” The same questions can obviously be posed for those loyal to Samsung or Dell (is there anyone not an employee blindly loyal to Dell?).

I think it’s a combination of products, customer service, and “prestige.” I cannot understand why someone would drive a Maserati or Bentley, when a Tesla is a better car. I’d even say Porsche is a better car. But is it more “prestigious” to tell your friends/clients you drive a Bentley? Currently, probably so. That brings us to how you marketed your business- are you offering the best product/service with the best customer service or is there a sense of prestige with using your product/service that people will be proud to claim?

By the way- I used both a Mac and PC, in case anyone was interested.

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The Show “The Practice”

Advertising is for Suckaz

Have you ever watched the show “The Practice?” It’s based on a defense law firm. Great show from the late 90s and early 2000s. What baffles me is the animosity the firm had for advertising. They go through what seems like a dozen episodes always critiquing the attorney who filmed a commercial to advertise his services. He becomes the black sheep because he wanted to expand through advertising.

Can you believe that?

I have an attorney friend who is a bit older than I am, and I remember him telling me a few years ago that he wouldn’t be caught dead running an ad. He couldn’t explain exactly why, or maybe I wasn’t able to grasp his reasoning. Advertising somehow equates to desperation and a necessity for more clients. 

I don’t buy that though. In the service industry you can increase prices when the demand is high. So if you feel you have lots of clients or cannot take on more, why not increase prices where you’ll either have to do less work for the same revenue, or you’ll do the same amount of work for more revenue. Seems like a win-win to me. 

At least in the past few years I have seen more advertising from attorneys, which is a sign of more open-minded logic. But lots of commercials are…stale. They don’t compel me to learn more.

If you’re going to advertise, make sure at least one of your goals is to be remembered. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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Imprisoned to Social Media

Do You really need to be on Social Media?

Do you, meaning your brand, really need to be on social media? Are you making millions effortlessly and don’t need to grow? If so, then you’re good. If you want to grow, make that 10 million in revenue to 14 million, then you need to expand your reach.

Do you need to be on every single platform?


Depending on your business and who you want to reach, you can utilize the tools that would help. Twitter may not be effective for most. I’d even argue Facebook is not beneficial to most, just because of the high cost to play. Instagram may be more easily utilized since it has hashtags and is more “view-friendly” with photos and videos, assuming that can be utilized by your business.

So what’s best for 2020? If you’re able to put in energy to be consistent, I would vote for Youtube, Google Maps/My Business, and LinkedIn, followed by Instagram. Yes, that’s still a lot, but that’s why you should have a marketing director overseeing all of these platforms. And if you have that, then you need the content to push out.

Need content? That’s where we come in!

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"Damn it, another reckless Amazon truck hit me"

The Best Personal Injury Lawyer in San Diego?

Full disclosure- I was not hit by an Amazon truck.

But depending on where you live, you may have seen the surge of Amazon trucks, or those creepy white looking vans in a rush to get around your neighborhood. Anyways, they always appear to be running 6 hours behind. I had a close call last Monday when one was oncoming and merged into my lane before I sounded the horns of my car like never before.

But if one of these monsters hits you, who do you call for representation? You should obviously know by now their insurance will attempt to lowball you like Gamestop trying to give you $3.02 for a brand new $59.99 game you just bought. So you need an attorney. How do you choose one?

On a Google search for “best personal injury lawyer San Diego” I got a few ads first, followed by the map results, showing an ad first on there before the 3 main results. I’m doing the search from Rancho Bernardo, and those results are from La Jolla, downtown San Diego, and Santee. Why? Well, they have high ratings from lots of people. 4.9, 4.9, and 5.0 ratings with 186, 55, and 153 people, respectively.

What does this mean? Numbers do matter. Reviews do matter. Google map definitely does matter. This brings us to the question, how can you What does this mean? Numbers do matter. Reviews do matter. Google map definitely does matter. This brings us to the question, how can you make your Google maps status better? There are obviously more than 3 personal injury lawyers near me, and probably closer too. Well, there are actually dozens of ways to do that, and that’s one of things we recommend for strengthening ad your presence: Google Map Optimization. If you feel your results could be better, shoot me an email to discuss my strategy for boostings your presence.

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When did you last use Bing?

The story of how I used Bing today.

When was the last time you used Bing? And why?

I’m genuinely curious as to what would cause a person in 2020 to use Bing. I used Bing today. Why? Because Google no longer offers a tool that I use.

I used to image search Google and find results based on specific photo sizes. This has been replaced with a more general “small, medium, large” search feature which isn’t effective for me. Bing allows you to search actual pixel ratios, which is sometimes a necessity. I actually used it to find a background I wanted to create a mock ad to demonstrate a potential final product for a client.

I wonder if there’s a reason Google isn’t working at its full potential. I would imagine the larger company, with the more resources, would supply its users with more tools.

This gives way to if you’re a smaller company, what do you offer than bigger businesses do not, even if the perception is that they should?

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How Much Does a Commercial Cost?

Can you make me a commercial for $350?

Yesterday we got a call asking how much it would cost for a “quick commercial.” I had to answer honestly- “I don’t know. Can you please give me more info?”

A commercial depends on so many things- like how long it will take to film. How many actors and actresses will we need? Where will we be shooting? Do we need to purchase a permit? Will we have a set designer? What about a stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist, wardrobe manager for the talent? Lighting? Are we capturing audio, meaning will we need a sound engineer? Food and water for the crew. Insurance. Are we going all out on the camera, meaning will we rent out an Alexa Mini or will we try to save money and settle for a C500ii? And this is all for the actual shoot day. What about if we need to spend 30 hours pre-planning and story-boarding the shoot? Casting? And what about after the shoot? Editing, sound design, music licensing, color grading, and how many revisions will it go through?

I completely believe even smaller brands deserve commercials. A commercial for Disney, for example, might have a $150,000 budget for a one day shoot. Your local Ford might only have a $7,500 budget for a one day shoot. The client should also be transparent on the advertising goals, meaning, it’s not worth it to spend $5000 for a commercial if you’re going to spend $50,000 running it on local television. You should invest in producing something with a bit of a higher production value, and then run less spots on television or consider online ads to balance the costs.

Many of our clients also do not have an idea where to begin. Someone like myself can listen to what you would like to accomplish, offer my suggestions, and give you an estimate on what you may be spending to achieve that. 

Shoot me an email with any specific questions you have for your business.

Don’t know where to start or what a commercial means in terms of revenue? Let us explain in detail!