The Show “The Practice”

Advertising is for Suckaz

Have you ever watched the show “The Practice?” It’s based on a defense law firm. Great show from the late 90s and early 2000s. What baffles me is the animosity the firm had for advertising. They go through what seems like a dozen episodes always critiquing the attorney who filmed a commercial to advertise his services. He becomes the black sheep because he wanted to expand through advertising.

Can you believe that?

I have an attorney friend who is a bit older than I am, and I remember him telling me a few years ago that he wouldn’t be caught dead running an ad. He couldn’t explain exactly why, or maybe I wasn’t able to grasp his reasoning. Advertising somehow equates to desperation and a necessity for more clients. 

I don’t buy that though. In the service industry you can increase prices when the demand is high. So if you feel you have lots of clients or cannot take on more, why not increase prices where you’ll either have to do less work for the same revenue, or you’ll do the same amount of work for more revenue. Seems like a win-win to me. 

At least in the past few years I have seen more advertising from attorneys, which is a sign of more open-minded logic. But lots of commercials are…stale. They don’t compel me to learn more.

If you’re going to advertise, make sure at least one of your goals is to be remembered. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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Imprisoned to Social Media

Do You really need to be on Social Media?

Do you, meaning your brand, really need to be on social media? Are you making millions effortlessly and don’t need to grow? If so, then you’re good. If you want to grow, make that 10 million in revenue to 14 million, then you need to expand your reach.

Do you need to be on every single platform?


Depending on your business and who you want to reach, you can utilize the tools that would help. Twitter may not be effective for most. I’d even argue Facebook is not beneficial to most, just because of the high cost to play. Instagram may be more easily utilized since it has hashtags and is more “view-friendly” with photos and videos, assuming that can be utilized by your business.

So what’s best for 2020? If you’re able to put in energy to be consistent, I would vote for Youtube, Google Maps/My Business, and LinkedIn, followed by Instagram. Yes, that’s still a lot, but that’s why you should have a marketing director overseeing all of these platforms. And if you have that, then you need the content to push out.

Need content? That’s where we come in!

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"Damn it, another reckless Amazon truck hit me"

The Best Personal Injury Lawyer in San Diego?

Full disclosure- I was not hit by an Amazon truck.

But depending on where you live, you may have seen the surge of Amazon trucks, or those creepy white looking vans in a rush to get around your neighborhood. Anyways, they always appear to be running 6 hours behind. I had a close call last Monday when one was oncoming and merged into my lane before I sounded the horns of my car like never before.

But if one of these monsters hits you, who do you call for representation? You should obviously know by now their insurance will attempt to lowball you like Gamestop trying to give you $3.02 for a brand new $59.99 game you just bought. So you need an attorney. How do you choose one?

On a Google search for “best personal injury lawyer San Diego” I got a few ads first, followed by the map results, showing an ad first on there before the 3 main results. I’m doing the search from Rancho Bernardo, and those results are from La Jolla, downtown San Diego, and Santee. Why? Well, they have high ratings from lots of people. 4.9, 4.9, and 5.0 ratings with 186, 55, and 153 people, respectively.

What does this mean? Numbers do matter. Reviews do matter. Google map definitely does matter. This brings us to the question, how can you What does this mean? Numbers do matter. Reviews do matter. Google map definitely does matter. This brings us to the question, how can you make your Google maps status better? There are obviously more than 3 personal injury lawyers near me, and probably closer too. Well, there are actually dozens of ways to do that, and that’s one of things we recommend for strengthening ad your presence: Google Map Optimization. If you feel your results could be better, shoot me an email to discuss my strategy for boostings your presence.

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Take me to church… the cool one

“Which church should we go to?”

There are so many churches- how do they all stay open and bring in new people? I’m well aware about their tax-exemption status- but they still need to have some people in those seats. I find it hard they can stay open if only 4 people show up every week. I’m also sure churches bring about nearby residents, but some, like the Rock Church, attract members from other sides of town. So how does the Rock Church “market” to members?

Essentially, all churches follow the same religious principle, and all are based on the same book. So how do they stand out? Well, the Rock is more technologically advanced and larger than most, perhaps adding a “cool” factor. Are there “celebrity” pastors, like Joel Osteen or the recently religious Kanye West? I think that may play a part in it. But imagine you’re looking to go to church- would you choose Church XYZ which is 4 minutes away from your home, or the Rock which is a 35 minute drive? If you’re choosing the Rock, what compels you to put in the extra effort? I think the answer to the Rock Church is its pastor, Miles McPherson who is somewhat of a motivational speaker and has a “hero” story, which attracts people.

This same philosophy is often used for films and TV shows who want a boost in ratings- they bring in a big name, or A-list celeb to bring temporary attention.

Would you utilize a celebrity to bring a boost to your business? Many commercials utilize this tool, and it seems to be successful as they continue to utilize this celeb over the years (ex. Priceline and William Shatner). Who is a celebrity who would fit your brand?

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Where to go for dinner…

How do you choose where to eat, and when to try somewhere new

How do you choose where to go eat out with your loved one and family? Do you guys usually choose a place you’ve been to, where the results can be anticipated? I think most of us are like that. But think about the last time you tried a new place. You probably didn’t just stumble upon it- so how did you choose it? Every single place was a “first time” at some moment. Did you Yelp all of these areas and choose based on ratings and photos? Well, Yelp hasn’t been around forever, so there has to have been another method for choosing new restaurants. 

Down to try a new sushi place?

I think for the most part, it comes down to work of mouth. At some point, someone either strongly recommended a place, or invited us there for a birthday, date, or other event, and if we experienced quality and good customer service, we were hooked.

Now think about your brand, is it a brand that is recommended to others? If not, why are other brands recommended ahead of you? 

In N Out or the new burger spot???

What can be done to change that?

Are you actively making those changes?

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Production Company vs Solutions Company

“Make us a video!” vs “Help us build a video strategy!”

Before the launch of Tebbi Media, our lower budget video jobs were through Rugger Productions. Tebbi Media’s goal isn’t to just produce videos, but to offer complete solutions. One of our tools is video production. We also have ways of boosting business findings using researched and tried methods that we charge a great deal to teach. We also do photo ad campaigns, and we have expert web designers who can revamp a website if it’s built incorrectly at the foundation. 
But we only offer what we believe will work. And we don’t think all solutions require you to wait 6 months to see results. You can do certain things that will help you get noticed next week. But there are so many avenues, businesses often times find it difficult to figure out the way since they’re directly involved from the inside. An outside perspective can be just what’s needed.

What I suggest is to do an audit to evaluate your goals for the next 5 years to see if you’re on the path to hit it. If you’re not on the correct path, consider using one of the tools we recommend, like a commercial or testimonials, and more specifically, video testimonials.

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Stop P!$$!NG ME OFF!!!

“Oh, hey, it’s us again, the same repetitive Youtube ads you’ve already seen!”

When I see the same Youtube ads, I get frustrated and dare I even admit, a bit angry.

How many times can I see the same Wix or Squarespace ad? I’ve made it my life’s mission to never use those companies because of how often they’re in my face when I just want to watch something educational or entertaining.

At the next level, they’re contrived, corny, and counterfeit, meaning I do not believe they’re the best of their market. I’m getting upset just writing this…

Do you use a commercial for your business? Are people drawn to watch it, or does it frustrate your viewers? What frustrates you?

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Casper- Nothing to sleep on

Wake up with a hard pill to swallow

Have you heard about the mattress company, Casper? They were in the news recently because of their desire to take their company public. But with their released numbers, Casper is valued at $432 billion, and has a loss of $100 million, estimated for 2019. But they also have a $200 million cost of goods. They have a marketing expense of $126 million, and operating costs of $250 million. If my math is correct, which it rarely is, that puts casper in the red by about $240 million. So what gives?

Well, Casper isn’t the only company taking a loss- look at Uber and Lyft, which both went public as well. But how did investors do after the company went public? So far, results show investors, in general, are not thrilled about the results. With mattress being a $75 billion industry, and over hundreds of other companies following the same formula, how will Casper move ahead, besides their clever subway ads?

Time will tell, although we would follow our recommendation of more clever marketing in a smarter way rather than what they’ve been doing. When we were buying a mattress a few months ago, we actually went with another company just because they were rated a bit higher, although prices were about the same as Casper. Who would you choose for your next mattress?

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Adding Trust to Personal Injury

Marketing personal injury law firms- who would you choose?

You got in a car accident.
You were injured at work.
You need a lawyer.
What kind do you need? Personal injury? Oh ok.
How do you find one?
Should I use that thing called Google?
What about the 6 ads that come up at the top? Can I trust them?
Well, I saw a bus bench with a firm. And on the back of a bus. Can I trust them?

Whether you may deserve $5,000, $50,000 or $5,000,000, how do you find the best personal injury lawyer? Most people would go with the firm that they would trust the most. How does a firm build trust? By serving clients over and over while delivering results. So they must be good, but they must deliver amazing customer service. How do we now verify this?

Are you ready for the secret?

Really ready?

Here’s the answer: testimonials.

If you’re in a car accident going down La Jolla in San Diego, and the insurance company does a rare move where they don’t want to pay you, you need a lawyer. You should try Google, Yelp, Facebook to read reviews of the lawyers that come up in your research. Would you still book someone who is unresponsive or has too many clients? I wouldn’t. You may not have experience of how our legal system works, so a firm that is detailed and answers your questions throughout the process, and then delivers on what you’re promised, will likely bring about happy clients who are also probably likely to give a positive testimonial. Now getting it on one of the main sites is terrific. But how do you make it even more effective?

Are you ready for the next secret?

Video testimonials. They need to be filmed. Watching someone speak, actually seeing their body language, hearing their tone, all will add a layer of depth. And to show your investment in your firm, a properly produced, high quality video would serve this purpose best. I’ve been involved in the production of over 100 testimonials for various businesses. Are they effective? Absolutely. The firms and businesses with more video testimonials rank higher in search results and effectively build trust with potential clients.

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What is effective in 2020?

That one time we ran the Deejay Al ad campaign with a billboard

Go big or go home. We were on the brink of doing a photoshoot for Deejay Al and were always thinking how to go bigger than before. If you take badass photos, or video, and no one ever sees them, were they really badass?

So after we did the shoot, went through the editing and retouching process, Deejay Al made it a goal on a few billboards throughout the city. He was on a few major areas around San Diego, and I got my drone to go capture the milestone, as I was excited to see our accomplishments around the city!

But was the billboard “effective”? We didn’t exactly survey people at the event to see who came because of the billboard, but people were talking about it. And that “flex” was perhaps worth it for Al. It’s the same reason many of the retail stores have opted for staying open even though they’ve been losing money daily for the past decade, and some even longer. The “real estate” of the mall gives them the advertising space to the visitors and even the authenticity that they’er a legit store.

So what “real estate” is most effective today? Yes, we have websites, social media, Youtube, and even blogs- but there is still other optimal space that is not being utilized by business owners. We’re not going to give the whole treasure away on our first post, but we’ll definitely be revealing more of how to claim and use current day real estate effectively, and what we offer our clients to substantially boost their business presence.

Got specific questions? Let me know below!

Here’s the drone video of the billboard: