Spotify Checks Google & Apple with Rogan

Spotify lands Joe Rogan for $100m

First of all, I am back from a brief hiatus. No, it wasn’t Corona related, but rather I was taking some time for celebrations. But now…

Earlier this week it was made known that Spotify secured Joe Rogan for a milti-year 100 million dollar deal. This was huge, as Joe Rogan is arguably the number 1 podcaster in the world. But Spotify also secured his videos, which means it may be bringing new avenues for its audience.

But this was a huge move for Spotify, as Rogan likely had the offer presented to Google and to Apple for a counter, while both must have ultimately passed. In turn, Spotify’s stocks soared valuing Rogan’s addition at $5 billion! Time will tell if this was a wise investment for Spotify.

But this brings about the next question of what better time exists for content creators? In the next decade, will we see the first content creator paid $1 billion for their exclusivity? Very likely, but it’s likely going to be a new face, or a group, offering a different entertainment factor. Content creators now know that there are other companies who may be willing to take a risk on their content if Youtube isn’t working out with them, and each year I hear more complaints from creators using Youtube with no alternative.

What do you think? is there a better time than now for content creators? Do you have an idea for content creation?

Apple vs PC/Android

Which team are you on and why?

Which team are you on and why are you loyal?

Think about if you really have brand loyalty- meaning you bought your last Iphone or Macbook blindly without carefully considering the other options. If you do, why? If you’re an Apple user is it because you had a bad experience with a Samsung or Dell? Do you honestly feel they always, without a doubt, have better products? Are you locked into their “ecosystem?” The same questions can obviously be posed for those loyal to Samsung or Dell (is there anyone not an employee blindly loyal to Dell?).

I think it’s a combination of products, customer service, and “prestige.” I cannot understand why someone would drive a Maserati or Bentley, when a Tesla is a better car. I’d even say Porsche is a better car. But is it more “prestigious” to tell your friends/clients you drive a Bentley? Currently, probably so. That brings us to how you marketed your business- are you offering the best product/service with the best customer service or is there a sense of prestige with using your product/service that people will be proud to claim?

By the way- I used both a Mac and PC, in case anyone was interested.

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