Shots Fired- Blockbuster Strikes back at Netflix

Blockbuster Videos Still Stands

It’s 2020, exactly like how I began my last post, but this time, a company who many have written off as long eliminated due to it’s inability to adapt to the new times, emerges to take shots at the current giant. From its single remaining store.

Obviously the shots were taken through social media, as their Instagram post boasts that a live person can recommend you a great film to watch, versus the hundred you come across on your Netflix screen, which sounds great. But even during the 2 or so decades I frequented Blockbuster, I never really trusted them enough to ask for a recommendation. I can count maybe 5 times the manager at one of the San Diego locations, Brandon, recommended great choices. But imagine getting the film they recommended, starting it and realizing it was utter trash. Do you finish or give up and now read a book since there’s nothing else to watch?

Sure, Netflix is littered with more garbage than a California beach after July 4th. But you can always move on and give up. There’s no penalty, and you got choices, which I think that’s what makes it the go-to. That’s even if Redbox, which is still around, may have newer and better options.

So do I think Blockbuster is doing effective enough marketing where they will grow or have a strong enough demand to open a second store?


But others can utilize the same marketing techniques to show their customers that they have a live person who can listen and help based on their individual needs. Due to Covid, most companies have cut employees and it’s now harder than ever to reach a person. I urge you to find a way to be available. Listen, and connect with your audience.

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