The End of Movie Theaters

Will move theaters ever open for good?

In a short time, theaters are planning on reopening, and this summer, one of the biggest movies of the year is planning on dropping, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet.

Memorial Day weekend, just a month away, is one of the biggest weekends for blockbusters. But what happens when we get there? The theaters will announce a grand reopening date, and movies will go on sale. But will people actually go to the theaters? Will people sit through a 2 hour movie with masks?

I don’t think people are going to feel comfortable going back for months, and those who do, will report getting sick and this will partly be blamed for the “second wave.” Required masks won’t solve the problem, and unless they create isolated glass cubes for each person or couple, it’s not feasible to continue “social distancing” in a movie theater.

I think it’s finally time to upgrade the home experience, where movies will be released directly to consumers at home and there will be some kind of “optimization” for video and sound so people get the best results. They’ll be able to charge less than the theaters at first, because of a lack of overhead, and then each studio will be able to roll out their own subscription based streaming membership so you have access to new movies each month.

Or, I could totally be wrong. We’ll see in a couple of months how things roll out.

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