Conspiring to Reopen

California, Washington, and Oregon team up

I’m a huge fan of unifying.

It looks like California, Washington, and Oregon are teaming up to create the Western States Pact to stop the spread of Covid19 while creating a plan to reopen for business in May.

I’m not sure how this will exactly work, or why it’s only a “west coast” thing, but if it allows for new measures to close borders, and prevent flights from other states, including international tourists, then I think this will be extremely effective. Once effective, other states can form groups, and once groups are successful, we’ll eventually join all together.

I think this can be a brilliant plan, but it required prime government efficiency, which is somewhat of a rarity. Eliminate restrictions, and repeal nonsense taxes like the gas tax and AB5. The elimination of restrictions can help small businesses prevail.

What else can the states do to ensure the success of this pact?

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