How to Continue Positive Branding During Covid

Easily, kind of.

The question continues to be asked: What can companies do to remain relevant when everything is shut down?

The answer is easy: if you are surviving, keep surviving as best as you can, while attempting to help society.

For example, Ralph’s and Costco are essential businesses who stay open to sell groceries and goods to people. But they (after a little time) took after others to open earlier for the elderly (note: they do not allow immunocompromised or pregnant women in earlier). There’s a great start.

What not to do: Be Amazon. Jeff Bezos, the greediest of the planet, asked for donations to pay his workers the long hours. Instead, he should have doubled hazard pay and paid employees $4 an hour more. He should have given Prime to all Amazon users, free essentials, or at least something. Instead, his greed oozes from his sweat glands.

At the very least, do not continue hard selling to people, at their time of need, filled with anxiety and uncertainty. People are likely not looking for home business solutions, or a realtor boasting about another sale. This isn’t the time.

What can you do at a time like this? Likely, you can do something. Need help figuring it out? Shoot me an email:

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