I’m Still Getting Telemarketing Calls During a Pandemic

Stop calling and get your toilet paper

I’m hearing it’s a global pandemic. There’s toilet paper and water shortages. Old people may be dying at any moment now. Yet, I’m getting telemarketing calls for “home business solutions.”


I asked the guy on the phone point blank if he knew what was going on currently. He said he was authorized to call business owners.

Now, I usually despise telemarketers. But calling during a pandemic to sell me “home business solutions” is insulting on another level.

I understand, business must continue on, and those trying to scam people will continue, and desperate times make people more desperate, which may explain the rise of telemarketing calls. Even if I’ve considered their services, I am now a lifelong boycotter because of the timing of their calls.

Don’t be a nag and insult your potential customers during these times.

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