Building a Positive Reputation During Hard Times

Don’t be an a$$hole company

Based on the world news, local governments, and pretty much the entire logical population, there’s a pandemic. The world, in certain parts, is in chaos. During chaos, people turn hysterical. It is the job of larger companies with more resources to alleviate chaos.

For example, loan companies waiving interest indefinitely, is a great start. Banks allowing consumers to forego payment for 30 days, in a great gesture. Internet/phone providers, removing data caps for 30 days, wonderful gesture.

As consumers, we will remember the first ones to do this, but not so much those who follow suit near the end. I’d almost look at them like they ere guilted into doing so, when they all had the resources to do so from the beginning. You don’t want to be like Whole Foods CEO John Mackey who suggested employees “donate” sick time to one another. Hoarding at a time like this, when you’re worth 75 million, or your boss, Bezos, is worth billions, makes you a grade A asshole. You can afford a loss in income to help your employees not “share” sick time.

Credit card companies and phone providers would be just fine if every consumer failed to pay for 30 days. If you’re in charge of a company who can provide aid, or part of a marketing team who can use the current times to create good faith among your customers, do so immediately. You will be appreciated! Don’t be like John Mackey.

What do you think should be done?

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