Marketing with the Appeal of the Newest Technology

We have the most badass X-rays!

I have personally told clients one of the reasons they should book us is because we have some of the most innovative cameras (ability to shoot in 6K), while our competitors have far inferior cameras. Usually, the client just shrugs.

Why should they care?

But if I told them that our new iMac pros could help us edit quicker so that the cost of editing is far lower than what they may expect, then they may be interested.

The truth is the average customer does not care even the slightest about your new, badass technology, unless they can quantify how much it benefits them.

So when I took my mom to an endodontist, he boasted about his latest 3D x-ray, which was… cool. But it cost $150 more than the regular 3D x-ray, and it wasn’t covered by insurance, and he did not know if it caused more or less radiation than a normal x-ray. So while he was jumping up and down about his new tool, I was ready to leave with my mother.

Have you used new technology effectively to grow your business? Let me know below if it was effective and how your customers reacted.

Feel free to write here or to email me directly!

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