Advertising Ugly Girls

Luring customers with 3 ugly girls

Before you get upset with me, let me explain this is an actual marketing strategy I’ve seen by a local San Diego business.

Let’s say this is an adult oriented business. Both on their radio ads and on their car ad, they advertise the many beautiful women at their establishment, along with the 3 ugly ones.

Now I’ve never been to this establishment, nor would I, but the humor factor of labeling 3 of it’s employees (or independent contractor?) as ugly got my attention, and since I’ve seen the same photo posted on social meda, it looks like its captured the attention of others.

I also don’t beleive they have any ugly girls working there, as they would be unsuccessful working at that type of establishment. But it’s the humor behind it that proves it successful. Tomorrow, I’ll talk about a bail bondsman who also uses an innuendo and humor to stand out.

What do you think? Did it at least make you smile?

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