Coronavirus and Toilet Paper- A Virus to go Viral

I promise I’m not a conspiracy theorist

I’m really not- I just try to think logically, and think who profits from “negativity.”

You have to agree certain companies make millions during war times. Similarly, certain pharmaceutical companies may make millions during disease times.

But toilet paper companies making bank from a virus that’s not even a gastro disease? My point is, I understand hand sanitizers are sold out, along with masks as people incorrectly believe now they can inhale coughs and avoid washing their hands, because they’re protected. I didn’t say it’s accurate, I said I understand.

But who brainwashed everyone to believe that there is going to be a toilet paper shortage? Grocery stores along with big chains like Costco have been sold out, or selling out by the afternoon for the past week. The only logical thing I can think of it that the media let it slip that certain neighborhoods in China have been quarantined, and because of that, they’re left with limited toiletry. But this is at or near ground zero- surly we’re not in a similar state of pandemic.

As of right now, the regular seasonal flu has claimed more lives than the coronavirus. Statistically speaking, there are more pool related deaths each year than all of the US coronavirus deaths. So again, why all the panic toward toiletry right now?

Although I did not look up the stats, there have probably been more E. coli related deaths than the coronavirus thus far, which begs me to say, you should be washing your butts and washing your hands all the time!

So who profits from the crisis? The hand sanitizer companies, and the toilet paper companies. A virus to help them go viral.

What do you think is causing the shortages of toilet paper in the US?

Feel free to write here or to email me directly!

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