Companies Who Practice Harassment- Quicken Loans

Why do some companies practice/encourage harassment?

Business tip #23- don’t harass your potential customers

Isn’t this common sense? If someone shows interest with your company’s service, send a welcome email. Perhaps, give them a call. Follow up in a week. But 4 (maybe 5?) calls in a 6 hour period? Really?

Someone who runs Quicken Loans needs to take charge and change things yesterday. How is it even remotely accepted, yet I’m going to guess encouraged, to call a customer so many times?

If I miss a call, and I’m actually interested, I will call back. If the average person forgets, that’s what the follow up call/email is for. Too many companies harass their customers.

Is there a more appropriate word?

They nag, badger, torment, annoy, frustrate, pester, molest, pester their customers. What are the end results?

Unhappy customers. No referral. Negative review. Worst of all? Loss of a customer.

So Quicken Loans, step your communications strategy up. Do not call so often- it isn’t acceptable. If you’re dying and it’s an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

What do you think? Are you a fan of harassing your customers?

Feel free to write here or to email me directly!

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