Happy National Egg McMuffin Day

Just what we needed, another holiday

Marketing strategy #8749- create a holiday for your new product.

This is what McDonald’s is doing- declaring March 2nd National Egg McMuffin Day.

I know you, probably just like myself, do not have a large enough product to declare a “holiday.” But if we did, would this be an effective way to promote something like the Egg McMuffin?

I’ve honestly never had one. And I honestly don’t think I ever will, holiday or not. A holiday doesn’t compel me to do so either. If I were in the market for Egg McMuffins, I might be more tempted with a free coffee or even a free Big Mac, just adding enough potential value for me to take the risk and still have it worthwhile in case I didn’t like it. But this holiday business…

What do you think? Is declaring a holiday an effective gimmick?

Feel free to write here or to email me directly!

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