Hey, It’s Norm, Cheers!

Revealing your marketing team’s disconnect

Have you seen the new Dominos commercial which has Norm, from the show Cheers?

They digitally brought back a popular character from the sitcom, Cheers.

Really cool.

But, Cheers ended, wait for it, in 1993! They brought back a character from a show which ended in 1993! Who authorized that?

I’m willing to bet it’s an older white, gentleman, the demographic which watched Cheers and grew into. becoming part of the marketing team for Dominos.

I think it’s a clever idea. But there are about 38928 other characters who will likely resonate with viewers more than Norm (no offense, Norm!). They just revealed how disconnected their marketing team is.

What do you think? Do you remember Norm? Could they have chosen a better character to order pizza?

Feel free to write here or to email me directly!

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