Dental Practice Advertising

More than testimonials

It seems like there are more dentists than 7-11s around San DIego.

So how do people choose their dentist, or better yet, what causes someone to change dentists?

I think the basic, same old answer is great customer service and results. If a dental practice has great reviews, you’ll likely consider them. If they have great results, you’ll likely come back.

Now if the dentist passes you along to the associate dentist, or screws up your filling because he needed to put in 8 shots instead of 1-2 to numb you, then you may consider an alternative dentist.

This sounds like a given, or it should be. So why are there still poorly rated dentists, and what can be done?

Stop doing poor work. Stop acting poorly. Stop blaming patients. Start advetising what you offer your patients. Are you open on weekends? Do you offer anything special for kids? Do you offer an additional pain-free method for those who fear dentists?

Lastly, how do you portray all that in a video, or multiple videos, to clearly show you in action? We’re here to help! We got the “Flood Method” exactly to push that vision to life.

Want to learn more? Just let me know when to stop by and give you more details.

Feel free to write here or to email me directly!

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