Your Marketing Team is Handicapping Your Brand

Don’t let your marketing team hold you back

Many larger companies have marketing teams. These are very capable and intelligent individuals, but they’re almost always limited in their resources and broad experience. For example, one of the largest dental crown companies in the world, Glidewell, has a marketing team, but also a production team. They have actual cinema cameras, big, beefy computers, and sets to film their in-house videos.

But these are “generic” people. What I mean by that is they usually have individuals utilizing multiple hats. One person may be the social media poster, while also dabbling in filming, and they can even create promos for youtube. So boom, you have marketing! But you’re getting a 5 out of 10 in terms of quality all around.

With a formal production team, you have a cinematographer, a story-boarder, lighting person, audio tech, editor, color grader, director, and as a team, you can get a solid 7-10 out of 10. The person who can do multiples of these is also the person strictly offering higher end marketing solutions for clients versus working salaried at Glidewell. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a salary or working at Glidewell, but one must admit that the person who fixes the computers, is also the janitor, and also the secretary, is probably not offering the best services possible.

Large and small companies need to outsource some of their needs, even with marketing teams. Marketing teams can workin conjunction with the outside team, but if you think you marketing team is going to create logos, film commercials, take care of social media, optimize SEO, update the website, and stay up to date with new technologies, you’re setting your company up for failure.

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