The Goodyear Blimp

From military to advertising

Back in the day, you could spot a blimp in the sky. They were usually popular during football games too. I clearly remember the “Goodyear” blimp, operated by the company Goodyear mainly for advertising.

But blimps were utilized during war times for surveillance and became an advertising tool much after World War 2 ended.

Today there are only a few blimps, and estimates are it cost about $100,000 to operate for one flight. So is that worth it for Goodyear? 3 blimps on a Sunday during football games where a few million people may either directly see the blimp or a mention of the blimp on TV.

Goodyear is still one of the larger rubber companies in the world turning a profit, although probably not directly because of their blimps. But it’s the only company I can think of who uses a blimp regularly, and that made them unique.

Can you utilize something that your company would be the sole users?

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