The Mold at Burger King

Using mold to sell burgers

Good old Burger King- a company with some of the most brilliant advertising.

Their newest ad, stirring controversy, features a Whopper that’s molding. But it’s a good thing.


Because mold is a sign of “real food.” You see, “fake food” doesn’t mold, at least that’s what we’ve been told. If you take a McDonald’s burger or fries and leave it in your car for 72 days, it will likely look the same as the minute your purchased it. And if food doesn’t mold, that must be a sign of a genetically modified product that cannot be healthy for you.

Now, I disagree with this because I once tested this hypothesis by leaving fruit outside in the dirt. After 4 days, the fruit had not rotted yet, and surprisingly, animals had not consumed it. Maybe I had some Monsanto laden fruit, but maybe not everything rots immediately. I know meats are supposed to, and bread molds rather quickly too.

So aside from the science behind it, Burger King’s disgusting ad is used in an ingenious way to gather trust for its burgers. Now is this enough to bring over Big Mac or Jumbo Jack loyalists? I don’t think so. But this ad has been reported by nearly every news outlet and at least has Burger King in the back of your mind if you’re craving a fast food burger.

Heard of a more disgusting ad campaign? Share with us!

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