Geographical Trust

Why we trust those from the same area

There is a certain bond between people who come from the same area. If you’re an immigrant, you find an instant kinship when you meet someone from the same motherland.

Similarly, there is a certain hesitation when one is from a different area than you. Imagine getting an email from someone offering you consulting services… but from India. You’re reluctant to offer trust as easily as someone from your hometown. It’s probably because you know you can drive to them and reach them if there’s a problem, and here in the states, you have the legal system as a tool to pursue negligence.

Sure, for mass products or things that are insignificant, we’re all content with getting our products from China. But if you want a person to provide service, even if remotely, you’ll likely consider someone within your city.

We often produce commercials for companies in Southern California because we offer top notch quality, but also because we can be available for a consultation, and to address concerns in person.

What would you be comfortable purchasing from outside of your area?

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