“Hello, Is This a Good Time to Talk?”

Cold calls are the worst calls.

It’s 7:28pm. You’re sitting with your family, ready to dive into a delicious, savory dinner you’ve been looking forward to for the entire day. It’s been a long day in general. You smile over at your significant other. Just as you’re about to start eating, you get a phone call that might look familiar. You answer the call to hear:

“Hello, is this a good time to talk?”

It’s over. You’ve received a cold call. If it’s me, I’m ready to wage all out chemical warfare on the other side. Disrupting me during dinner with my family to ask my one of the stupidest questions in life- and for what? To try to sell me knives? Insurance? Dog leashes? Whatever it is, at that moment I’ve promised on the souls of Batman and Superman that I will never purchase said service or product from you, ever.

Disruptive, insincere marketing for the sole sake of profits is poor salesmanship. Don’t be that company that makes regular people hate you.

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