Not Advertising- The Strategy of Sriracha

Too Tasty to Advertise

Have you ever noticed there aren’t any ads for Sriracha?

Even the Facebook and Twitter from Huy Fong Foods is a broad social media presence. The brand isn’t even trademarked!

So how do they do so well?

I think it’s because they chose a popular name, and delivered an extraordinary product that hasn’t been replicated. It’s global and loved by so many. In the chicken section of my Vons there’s all the fried and grilled chicken offerings, with skewers of “Sriracha chicken.” Why? Probably because it’s so delicious that it sells!

And it’s a tolerable spicy- a tasty spicy. You don’t tear up with it. People tell their friends about it. People can’t have dinners without it. It literally spices up a meal!

So can you do without advertising? Well, perhaps, if you have a product like Sriracha. Otherwise, it’s best to stick to what works and get some kind of marketing plan in place!

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