The Tyranny of Yelp

How to survive the monarchy

I was thinking about how people, or business owners more specifically, have a strong distaste toward Yelp.

It’s like Yelp is a toilet bowl where people come to drop their invalid complaints, mediocre reviews, and undeserved low ratings that actual impact businesses. Furthermore, Yelp actually uses an “algorithm” to weed out fake reviews, and hides good reviews at times.

I personally have had good reviews, which were honest and real, hidden. Yelp always left a foul taste in my mouth, but nevertheless, I had to use the system. It’s like a monarchy that cannot be overthrown. You must survive within the walls.

My parent company of Tebbi Media, Rugger Productions, at the time of writing this, has 40 five star reviews, and 8 hidden five star reviews. A perfect positive rating.


Well, I think it has to partially do with me being a smaller business, only servicing about 100 customers annually. Secondly, I do believe superior professionalism and customer service not only gets you positive reviews, but it also convinces customers not to leave a mediocre or bad review even if hypothetically they have received a mediocre service. I am not saying I have ever intentionally offered mediocre service, but I am saying I have tried to act in a way where someone would not voice their opinion if they had.

Many businesses, either because of poor training, excess of customers, or bad management, fail to win over customers, especially when they’re offering inferior service. They do not obey the law of the kingdom, and some businesses do not survive- they are exiled!

Ultimately it comes down that with Yelp, your business does not necessarily need a perfect 5 star rating, but it should be 4 stars at least. If not, you’re either offering a far inferior product, or poor customer service (or both). Aim for excellence!

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