The Purpose of an Ad

“We advertise to…”

What’s an ad supposed to do?

I don’t think an ad calls for immediate action- perhaps those weird instagram ads call for immediate purchases because “limited time 24 hour sale only!” But do we really fall for those?

So with real products, what is an ad supposed to do? Get you to talk about it? Get you to make a purchase at some point in the near future? Get you to learn about the product? All of the above?

I know it may depend on the product. I’m trying to think about memorable ads, like the Old Spice ones where the guy on the horse would do insane things, the Lincoln commercial with Matthew McConaughey that became a joke, Bill Cosby’s pudding commercials that make you cringe now, Axe body spray commercials- they were all memorable. 

I personally never bought any of those products. I remembered them. I may have even talked about them with friends. But I don’t even think friends bought any of those. So does that mean ads are useless? 

Can you name a time when an ad caused you to purchase a product? Or is the purpose of an ad something else entirely?

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