Baby Nut

These Nuts are Small

Whether you saw it during the Super Bowl or elsewhere, “Mr. Peanut” from Planter’s is apparently dead and there’s a new “baby nut.”

No, I’m not making this up. I’m dead serious. 

The question that comes up is why- why did he have to die for a baby nut to be born? I think it comes from the success of Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian (the Star Wars show on Disney Plus). They probably thought a cute nut would prove successful. I’m laughing thinking about it. I can’t take this is as serious advertising. 

But I’m talking about it, so some will claim then it has been successful. But is that the litmus test fora successful ad- just because we talk about it? That doesn’t exactly equate to positive emotions, and thus a sale in the future. I’ll still buy my nuts from Trader Joe’s.

Do you think Baby Nut is successful? What is its ultimate purpose?

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