When did you last use Bing?

The story of how I used Bing today.

When was the last time you used Bing? And why?

I’m genuinely curious as to what would cause a person in 2020 to use Bing. I used Bing today. Why? Because Google no longer offers a tool that I use.

I used to image search Google and find results based on specific photo sizes. This has been replaced with a more general “small, medium, large” search feature which isn’t effective for me. Bing allows you to search actual pixel ratios, which is sometimes a necessity. I actually used it to find a background I wanted to create a mock ad to demonstrate a potential final product for a client.

I wonder if there’s a reason Google isn’t working at its full potential. I would imagine the larger company, with the more resources, would supply its users with more tools.

This gives way to if you’re a smaller company, what do you offer than bigger businesses do not, even if the perception is that they should?

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