Best Super Bowl Commercial

The Super Bowl came and our prediction was correct!

The Super Bowl came and went, and which commercial ended up being the best?

Well, the one that appeared to be the most heartfelt was the winner. It was created from a company you may have heard from, Google, and looked very basic in production value. The only reason I mention that is because a “basic” commercial can be created by any person. It doesn’t take a huge budget or large visual effects teams to bring to life.

But this further proves the success is attributed to story-telling that resonates with the viewer. The emotional impact also leads the viewer to share with others, because an emotional connection further strengthens the bond between people.

Did you view a different commercial to be more effective? Let us know which one!

To view the Google ad, check it out here. Make sure to have tissues ready and an onion nearby to blame it on.

Think there was a better commercial? Let me know which one was your favorite!

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