Super Bowl Sunday Commercials

Tugging at your heart or humor?

The Superbowl is today and like every year, we’re going to see commercials from a variety of brands. Some will try to tug at our hearts, some will try the comedy approach and try to gain our attention through humor, and some will try to use creativity to become the most remembered commercial. What I’d love to figure out his how much revenue increase for each brand after their commercial airs. Isn’t that a sign of success? 

Essentially, the more people enjoy an ad, the more people are willing to share the ad with others, and the target audience is more likely to make a purchase. And will there be any ads that offend causing it to go viral for a different reason? And if so, is that all bad? Let’s wait until tomorrow and see!

Have any questions? Write your comments below or message me directly.

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