Shift it Shift it, Market, Market

From car mechanic to celeb

Shift it, shift it- everyone in southern California was singing his lyrics for a while. Arlen’s Transmission in Burbank released a commercial with owner, Goorgen Zargarian, singing a catchy tune in front of his shop.

The production value was…. ok. The dancers in the video… were ok. But man oh man was it catchy! This went viral faster than almost anything else ever! Not only did it bring more business, but Goorgen was actually hired to “sing” at concerts, either as openers or in between artists. He had actually paying gigs for singing, although he wasn’t a singer. And he capitalized off of it.

I’m not sure exactly how much revenue he got from the video, but I do know it was absolutely worth the investment. Since you’re unsure an idea is going to go gold, I firmly advise to always put 100% into it. A larger budget video I think would have proven more successful. But I do admit it’s not always needed- my own video career comes from the viral success of my first music video, but that’s for another post. The point is that not only was this successful, but we even had our own clients asking if they should try to copy the “sing song” approach with a song of their own- except these were lawyers and dentists asking, which I felt wouldn’t follow their brands necessarily.

Watch the Shift It commercial here (at your own risk).

Think about your brand. Are you willing to sing to go viral?

Have any questions? Write your comments below or message me directly.

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