Using Today’s Memes to Market

The Sign Guy

If you’ve been on social media, there’s a shirtless gentleman who has mems which you’ve seen. His name is Seth, and he goes by @dudewithsign on Instagram. He has over 4 million followers with only 36 posts since October of 2019, only 3 months ago! 

So why is spreading like wildfire? His signs resonate with nearly everyone! All he does is hold a sign with a message on the street. One for example, wrote, “Stop sending me confirmation emails when I unsubscribe.” Who hasn’t experienced this common, yet annoying, conundrum? So this man is praised all around the internet for his basic, relatable signs. 

So what has Old Spice done? They apparently hired the sign guy with the original “I’m-on-a-horse” man to team up holding signs together to market together. It does look a bit “random,” but likely it’s a formal ad campaign because the idea is so genius. 

The question arises, how do you use a “now factor” to have your ad campaign go viral? Look what’s hot currently, and what you can creatively use with your brand to market something relevant. 

Have any questions? Write your comments below or message me directly.

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