The Best Dentist in Rancho Bernardo Is?

When your tooth is hurting, who you gonna call?

Let’s say I’m in Rancho Bernardo. And I want a new dentist closeby. How do I find one?

Well, I can use that thing called Google and see what comes up, but in 2020, can I trust those results? When I do try it, the first result says “ad” next to it, which urges me to automatically ignore.

The next 4, based on the maps results closes to me, are all 4 and 5 star rated, so they’re all obviously great, assuming I trust the written reviews.

Then I see Yelp’s site, supposedly listing the best options near Rancho Bernardo, followed by actual websites from dental practices, which I really don’t want to go through. Let’s face it, they’re mostly using stock photos or poor phone photos, which both turn my smile upside down. So let’s try Yelp to see which practice best confirms the Google ratings.

On Yelp, I also see the ads first, which I ignore, then see a different set of top dentists than what I saw on Google. But these also have perfect 5 start ratings at the top followed by those with near perfect ratings.

But there’s one thing I don’t notice anywhere, at least not amongst the Rancho Bernardo dentists:
Video testimonials.
Where are all the confirmations? The happy clients? Real testimonials?

I firmly believe without video testimonials, you won’t get that whole-hearted trust from your new customers.

Have any questions? Write your comments below or message me directly.

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