Take me to church… the cool one

“Which church should we go to?”

There are so many churches- how do they all stay open and bring in new people? I’m well aware about their tax-exemption status- but they still need to have some people in those seats. I find it hard they can stay open if only 4 people show up every week. I’m also sure churches bring about nearby residents, but some, like the Rock Church, attract members from other sides of town. So how does the Rock Church “market” to members?

Essentially, all churches follow the same religious principle, and all are based on the same book. So how do they stand out? Well, the Rock is more technologically advanced and larger than most, perhaps adding a “cool” factor. Are there “celebrity” pastors, like Joel Osteen or the recently religious Kanye West? I think that may play a part in it. But imagine you’re looking to go to church- would you choose Church XYZ which is 4 minutes away from your home, or the Rock which is a 35 minute drive? If you’re choosing the Rock, what compels you to put in the extra effort? I think the answer to the Rock Church is its pastor, Miles McPherson who is somewhat of a motivational speaker and has a “hero” story, which attracts people.

This same philosophy is often used for films and TV shows who want a boost in ratings- they bring in a big name, or A-list celeb to bring temporary attention.

Would you utilize a celebrity to bring a boost to your business? Many commercials utilize this tool, and it seems to be successful as they continue to utilize this celeb over the years (ex. Priceline and William Shatner). Who is a celebrity who would fit your brand?

Have any questions? Write your comments below or message me directly.

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