Production Company vs Solutions Company

“Make us a video!” vs “Help us build a video strategy!”

Before the launch of Tebbi Media, our lower budget video jobs were through Rugger Productions. Tebbi Media’s goal isn’t to just produce videos, but to offer complete solutions. One of our tools is video production. We also have ways of boosting business findings using researched and tried methods that we charge a great deal to teach. We also do photo ad campaigns, and we have expert web designers who can revamp a website if it’s built incorrectly at the foundation. 
But we only offer what we believe will work. And we don’t think all solutions require you to wait 6 months to see results. You can do certain things that will help you get noticed next week. But there are so many avenues, businesses often times find it difficult to figure out the way since they’re directly involved from the inside. An outside perspective can be just what’s needed.

What I suggest is to do an audit to evaluate your goals for the next 5 years to see if you’re on the path to hit it. If you’re not on the correct path, consider using one of the tools we recommend, like a commercial or testimonials, and more specifically, video testimonials.

Have any questions? Write your comments below or message me directly.

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