Adding Trust to Personal Injury

Marketing personal injury law firms- who would you choose?

You got in a car accident.
You were injured at work.
You need a lawyer.
What kind do you need? Personal injury? Oh ok.
How do you find one?
Should I use that thing called Google?
What about the 6 ads that come up at the top? Can I trust them?
Well, I saw a bus bench with a firm. And on the back of a bus. Can I trust them?

Whether you may deserve $5,000, $50,000 or $5,000,000, how do you find the best personal injury lawyer? Most people would go with the firm that they would trust the most. How does a firm build trust? By serving clients over and over while delivering results. So they must be good, but they must deliver amazing customer service. How do we now verify this?

Are you ready for the secret?

Really ready?

Here’s the answer: testimonials.

If you’re in a car accident going down La Jolla in San Diego, and the insurance company does a rare move where they don’t want to pay you, you need a lawyer. You should try Google, Yelp, Facebook to read reviews of the lawyers that come up in your research. Would you still book someone who is unresponsive or has too many clients? I wouldn’t. You may not have experience of how our legal system works, so a firm that is detailed and answers your questions throughout the process, and then delivers on what you’re promised, will likely bring about happy clients who are also probably likely to give a positive testimonial. Now getting it on one of the main sites is terrific. But how do you make it even more effective?

Are you ready for the next secret?

Video testimonials. They need to be filmed. Watching someone speak, actually seeing their body language, hearing their tone, all will add a layer of depth. And to show your investment in your firm, a properly produced, high quality video would serve this purpose best. I’ve been involved in the production of over 100 testimonials for various businesses. Are they effective? Absolutely. The firms and businesses with more video testimonials rank higher in search results and effectively build trust with potential clients.

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