What is effective in 2020?

That one time we ran the Deejay Al ad campaign with a billboard

Go big or go home. We were on the brink of doing a photoshoot for Deejay Al and were always thinking how to go bigger than before. If you take badass photos, or video, and no one ever sees them, were they really badass?

So after we did the shoot, went through the editing and retouching process, Deejay Al made it a goal on a few billboards throughout the city. He was on a few major areas around San Diego, and I got my drone to go capture the milestone, as I was excited to see our accomplishments around the city!

But was the billboard “effective”? We didn’t exactly survey people at the event to see who came because of the billboard, but people were talking about it. And that “flex” was perhaps worth it for Al. It’s the same reason many of the retail stores have opted for staying open even though they’ve been losing money daily for the past decade, and some even longer. The “real estate” of the mall gives them the advertising space to the visitors and even the authenticity that they’er a legit store.

So what “real estate” is most effective today? Yes, we have websites, social media, Youtube, and even blogs- but there is still other optimal space that is not being utilized by business owners. We’re not going to give the whole treasure away on our first post, but we’ll definitely be revealing more of how to claim and use current day real estate effectively, and what we offer our clients to substantially boost their business presence.

Got specific questions? Let me know below!

Here’s the drone video of the billboard:

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