Less Ads- What We’ve Always Wanted

Corona causing fewer commercials

A silver lining.

Advertisers are opting for fewer commercials, at least throughout NBCUniversal.

The reason is somewhat obvious- there may be less money to spend, but there are less things to advertise. You can’t run a Macy’s ad telling people to flock to Macy’s- no stores are open. A beer commercial might still work right now, but is it appropriate?

If this quarantine continues, and marketers want to continue to market, they may need to adapt to the needs of people today. And we know some companies, like those producing toilet paper, can probably just sit back and do nothing during these times.

Do you see any adaptive changes emerging soon?

Can You Book Clients Now?

Yes, if you can adapt

Many people out of jobs are left without alternatives.

For some of those, they can share their knowledge remotely through various means. You can use Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime to video chat with others, and some applications can be viewed and controlled remotely as well.

We’ve been teaching the ins and outs of social media posting, editing media, and utilizing graphics, all remotely. Those who want to use their knowledge to help others have many tools available to them, and if they utilize it effectively, they can make a huge impact by building their fans and customers for when things get back to normal.

Are you helping other remotely? If so, what are your tips for others who want to get started?


Google Reviews on Hold

No reviews during this time

Apparently Google has suspended reviews. You can still submit your review, but it just won’t show up.

This is to help businesses because of undisclosed closing times, or shortages of essentials which may trigger irate customers to write negative reviews.

On the surface this looks like a positive move, but I would also like positive reviews to be filtered in. What are your thoughts on the suspension of reviews? Should other measures be taken as well?

How Far Are We From the Corona End?

I propose my end date

I have always looked for patterns. With no clear end for the Coronavirus and the quarantine which has practically shut down our economy, I wanted to extrapolate some data and try to predict the end, when life can go back to normal.

Now, I’m no statistician, but I tried to use other areas of the world which went into a mandatory quarantine early, similar to how we’ve done in San Diego. I don’t think this will be the same for places like New York or Florida, which were late to the game. And I believe this will be somewhat accurate if we keep borders closed and continue with masks for workers and shoppers.

But if all goes well, I predict the first week of June to be when we no longer have new cases. We’d still have people hospitalized and perhaps some new deaths, but at least we won’t have any new cases. What happens after this is also important, for if we open travel back up, we’re going to see a possible reoccurrence.

What do you think? Am I too optimistic?

How Can We Help You Right Now?

Currently in business and need help?

Are you currently in business but need a little help getting the word out? Send us an email directly and we’ll create a short promo for you for your social media.

No charge, no extra fee. We have a huge selection of media we’ve filmed and can use, whether you have a pizza restaurant or in-home care, if it’s something essential that is beneficial for people in San Diego, we’ll help you out.

We’ll only be helping a limited amount of businesses, so please shoot me an email asap for consideration.

Email me at: promo@tebbimedia.com

How Times Have Changed

Cannabis stores essential- to remain open

It feels like just last week when pot dispensaries were illegal and many were rounded up for illegally possessing it. But since they’ve become legal, they’ve also been deemed essential by governor Newsom.

Some are still calling for limited sales, or deliveries only, to prevent crowds at stores. Overall, this is a positive move, both for those who claim relief from cannabis, and to limit the black market from thriving.

Do you find any reason to prevent dispensaries from remaining opening as essentials?

Stay at Home- A Clever Spec Ad

Shout out to Luke O’Reilly

This spec ad by Luke O’Reilly uses a spec ad for Guinness and the empty space along with a couch for a “stay at home” message for during the quarantine.

The image at a quick glance makes your brain see a full Guinness glass at first, but upon a better look, you realize there is no glass, and the foam is a couch.

I thought it was a very clever spec ad and hope Guinness gives him some kind of compensation to use the ad.

Have you seen anything clever lately?

More Helping Hands- Four Seasons Offering Rooms to Healthcare Workers


Salute to Four Seasons for offering free rooms to healthcare workers in New York. They’ll be able to self-quarantine without infecting their families.

This will hopefully motivate other hotels to follow suit and help at least provide a safe, stress-free place for healthcare workers to rest between long shifts.

What else can companies step up and do to help?

How to Continue Positive Branding During Covid

Easily, kind of.

The question continues to be asked: What can companies do to remain relevant when everything is shut down?

The answer is easy: if you are surviving, keep surviving as best as you can, while attempting to help society.

For example, Ralph’s and Costco are essential businesses who stay open to sell groceries and goods to people. But they (after a little time) took after others to open earlier for the elderly (note: they do not allow immunocompromised or pregnant women in earlier). There’s a great start.

What not to do: Be Amazon. Jeff Bezos, the greediest of the planet, asked for donations to pay his workers the long hours. Instead, he should have doubled hazard pay and paid employees $4 an hour more. He should have given Prime to all Amazon users, free essentials, or at least something. Instead, his greed oozes from his sweat glands.

At the very least, do not continue hard selling to people, at their time of need, filled with anxiety and uncertainty. People are likely not looking for home business solutions, or a realtor boasting about another sale. This isn’t the time.

What can you do at a time like this? Likely, you can do something. Need help figuring it out? Shoot me an email: helpmarket@tebbimedia.com

The Truckers and How McDonald’s is Helping Them

Stop overlooking the truckers

Because of social distancing and closing down restaurants, truckers were momentarily overlooked. They had relied on rest stops for bathroom breaks along with diners and 24 hour fast food places to eat.

Once everything closed, truckers had nowhere to go and found it difficult to find a way to eat. Luckily, many police stations opened their doors allowing them to stop for restroom breaks, and some rest stops were reopened.

But what about eating?

That’s where the curbside delivery came into play, and McDonald’s offers that on their app- and they wanted truckers to be aware that they are taking the extra step to make sure they are served.

Do you know of a business solving current Covid issues?