Shots Fired- Blockbuster Strikes back at Netflix

Blockbuster Videos Still Stands

It’s 2020, exactly like how I began my last post, but this time, a company who many have written off as long eliminated due to it’s inability to adapt to the new times, emerges to take shots at the current giant. From its single remaining store.

Obviously the shots were taken through social media, as their Instagram post boasts that a live person can recommend you a great film to watch, versus the hundred you come across on your Netflix screen, which sounds great. But even during the 2 or so decades I frequented Blockbuster, I never really trusted them enough to ask for a recommendation. I can count maybe 5 times the manager at one of the San Diego locations, Brandon, recommended great choices. But imagine getting the film they recommended, starting it and realizing it was utter trash. Do you finish or give up and now read a book since there’s nothing else to watch?

Sure, Netflix is littered with more garbage than a California beach after July 4th. But you can always move on and give up. There’s no penalty, and you got choices, which I think that’s what makes it the go-to. That’s even if Redbox, which is still around, may have newer and better options.

So do I think Blockbuster is doing effective enough marketing where they will grow or have a strong enough demand to open a second store?


But others can utilize the same marketing techniques to show their customers that they have a live person who can listen and help based on their individual needs. Due to Covid, most companies have cut employees and it’s now harder than ever to reach a person. I urge you to find a way to be available. Listen, and connect with your audience.

Elmer Fudd no longer bears arms

Alert Bugs. Warner Bros has disarmed Elmer Fudd for good.

It’s 2020, and Warner Brothers (WB) has announced Elmer Fudd will no longer bear his gun, which begs the question: how will he hunt rabbits?More specifically, how will he hunt Bugs Bunny?

This is obviously in response to gun violence, which should be a sign WB believes cartoon violence perhaps contributes to real life violence.

But does it?

Do kids still even watch Bugs Bunny?

And if there actually is a cause and effect between cartoon violence and violence amongst kids and teens, then shouldn’t we first eliminate Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote? There’s every type of murder method imaginable portrayed in that series. And aside from violence, what about sexual harassment from Pepe Le Pew? That dirty skunk doesn’t know how to take a no. Doesn’t aggressive sexual behavior toward women register more with young boys than exaggerated violence? 

We know why Warner Bros is doing this- to appeal to their audience. It’s the same reason they eventually removed Bugs Bunny in black face. Racist, misogynistic, and sexist behavior have been around in cartoons long before I was around, and it may slowly trickle out over time. But the question always comes to where does it stop- movies? Music? Video games? I’ve never ever heard of a deranged shooter give Elmer Fudd as his reasoning to commit violence. So does it subconsciously affect behavior, and more so in kids since they’re more prone to subliminal messaging? 

I know, I ask a lot of questions. I want to raise my kids correctly. I don’t want them to exhibit violent, sexist, or racist behavior. So I will instill proper values and ethics in them. If they act violently, I will correct them by showing them a better way to deal with problems, and describe why violence has negative consequences, along with how much they lose in life by being racist, and how the worst scum of our society have resorted to aggressive sexual harassment and it has resulted in loneliness and exile from society. And often times, these 3 “evils” go together- just look at history. I always say, aim for greatness, and these 3 acts pull you in the opposite direction.

So what’s the bottom line- kudos to companies working to better their brand and to appeal to a larger audience, even if it may be ineffective to decrease violence by disarming Elmer Fudd. But the burden of raising our children has always and will always come down to us, the parents.

Spotify Checks Google & Apple with Rogan

Spotify lands Joe Rogan for $100m

First of all, I am back from a brief hiatus. No, it wasn’t Corona related, but rather I was taking some time for celebrations. But now…

Earlier this week it was made known that Spotify secured Joe Rogan for a milti-year 100 million dollar deal. This was huge, as Joe Rogan is arguably the number 1 podcaster in the world. But Spotify also secured his videos, which means it may be bringing new avenues for its audience.

But this was a huge move for Spotify, as Rogan likely had the offer presented to Google and to Apple for a counter, while both must have ultimately passed. In turn, Spotify’s stocks soared valuing Rogan’s addition at $5 billion! Time will tell if this was a wise investment for Spotify.

But this brings about the next question of what better time exists for content creators? In the next decade, will we see the first content creator paid $1 billion for their exclusivity? Very likely, but it’s likely going to be a new face, or a group, offering a different entertainment factor. Content creators now know that there are other companies who may be willing to take a risk on their content if Youtube isn’t working out with them, and each year I hear more complaints from creators using Youtube with no alternative.

What do you think? is there a better time than now for content creators? Do you have an idea for content creation?

The End of Movie Theaters

Will move theaters ever open for good?

In a short time, theaters are planning on reopening, and this summer, one of the biggest movies of the year is planning on dropping, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet.

Memorial Day weekend, just a month away, is one of the biggest weekends for blockbusters. But what happens when we get there? The theaters will announce a grand reopening date, and movies will go on sale. But will people actually go to the theaters? Will people sit through a 2 hour movie with masks?

I don’t think people are going to feel comfortable going back for months, and those who do, will report getting sick and this will partly be blamed for the “second wave.” Required masks won’t solve the problem, and unless they create isolated glass cubes for each person or couple, it’s not feasible to continue “social distancing” in a movie theater.

I think it’s finally time to upgrade the home experience, where movies will be released directly to consumers at home and there will be some kind of “optimization” for video and sound so people get the best results. They’ll be able to charge less than the theaters at first, because of a lack of overhead, and then each studio will be able to roll out their own subscription based streaming membership so you have access to new movies each month.

Or, I could totally be wrong. We’ll see in a couple of months how things roll out.

The Power of the People

Ruth’s Chris faces backlash=gives back $20m

A few days ago we spoke about Shake Shack giving back their loan while Ruth’s Chris had accepted theirs, when they seemingly were less deserving than actual small businesses struggling in these times.

Today they announced they’re giving back their $20m loan after pressure from the people.

Another example the power of the people prevailed. They could have still kept it, but it would have obviously hurt them in the long run, and they realized it.

Hacking Your SBA Loan

Can you hack your way into a loan?

I’ve been reading from many independent contractors and sole proprietors that they’ve received $1000 from the SBA loan program. But more haven’t.

I’ve done some research and it seems like those who operate solo, but still put “1” as the number of employees, counting themselves at the employee, appear to have qualified and received $1000, as it’s $1000 per employee.

Is this ethical? I would say no and the legal loophole might apply if you’re an LLC or S corp. But how will the government react once they realize they’ve been had by some? I think it will fall apart when it comes down to taxes, especially those who may get audited, and this will reveal to be a larger problem not worth taking the $1000.

Always yield on the side of ethical. Just my motto.

Building a Positive Rep: Shake Shack

Shake Shack gives back $10 million loan

I thought it was worth noting that out of all the companies who got the Corona loan through the government, and perhaps shouldn’t have, Shake Shack is one to actually give back their $10 million loan.

We still have others, like Ruth’s Chris, who have also got massive loans, when I wouldn’t qualify them as small businesses. In times of hardship like this, I think consumers will remember the poor actions of certain companies and act accordingly when things get back to normal.

Kudos again, Shake Shack!

Our Review Guide is Here!

How to Utilize Customer Satisfaction

We go on and on about how we feel reviews are essential for the survival of a business, but especially more so for saturated service based business like dental practices and personal injury attorneys in San Diego.

We’ve created a guide on how to utilize your satisfied customers, how to remove or approach negative reviews, and the 3 ways video comes into the picture.

The PDF guide will retail for $99.99 but is currently on sale for $49.99 at

Have other questions about reviews and why they’re important? Reach out to me directly:

Negative Reviews- How to Deal with Them

Remove effectively?

Can negative reviews on Google Reviews be removed?

Contrary to what many believe- the answer is yes!

Should they be removed in a whole other topics. Tomorrow, we’ll dive into the basics of how we treat negative reviews and what may be more effective than removing them- although that’s an option.

We’ll also unleash our new “How to Utilize Your Customers” guide dealing with reviews and what the goals are with getting more and dealing with the bad ones.

Get ready!

Pandemic Logic

A lack of logic hurts society

I sincerely think those who can make their platforms successful must rely on some form of logic. Without logic, it doesn’t prevail.

I write this mainly because of the protests we’re having around San Diego and Orange County this weekend, and why they are drawing crowds. People’s logic urges them to question why they aren’t allowed at beaches and parks, where they are likely to be more than six feet apart, while at grocery stores, people pass by each other throughout the store.

So why are illogical laws passing? Why not allow more activities but require masks? I can understand a lack of masks, but more have been supplied supposedly, so supply people with masks and allow beaches and parks to reopen. The mental strain on people remaining at home will take a greater toss as this continues.

What do you think is illogical currently?